A quiet night after a sad goodbye

Tonight the house is quieter than usual. There is less movement. There is an odd calm. There is no barking. There is no obsessive butt-sniffing. Time seems to be moving at a slow pace for a change.

Tonight is our first night without our beloved pup Mac.

I have written before about our painful decision to bring her back to the humane society for adoption, and today we finally said our goodbyes. She, playful and oddly serene, with a big puppy smile on her cute lab/border collie face. We, very sad, with tears in our eyes as we drove away. My husband said "maybe she has been trying to tell us it was time to say goodbye for a long time."

There are better parents for her out there. Ones who don't already have another dog (who seems happier oddly enough without Mac around) or a baby (who doesn't seem to notice she is gone). Parents who are active and can take her on a few walks and a jog each day, ones who have more time and energy to love her more than we could. We love her so, so, so very much. But sometimes love is not enough. The child in me hates myself for putting her up for adoption; the adult in me knows it is for the best, especially for her.

Goodbye Mackenzie. We miss you already, and we love you always. We hope you are happy in your new home.

If you are in the Portland area and know of anyone who would love and care for Mac with great time and energy, please visit her at the Oregon Humane Society. Her name is Mackenzie--"Mac", she's 3 years old, is black and white, and very, very happy and sweet. If they decide to post her info online, you will be able to see her here.


Kirsten said...

Oh! I am so tearing up here! If we weren't all dogged up, I would totally take her! You did the right thing, the unselfish thing, and I am sure that Mac knows that you did what was best for her. Hugs!

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Mama M said...

Thanks for the hugs, baby_mama. Luckily, P-town is a dog-lover's paradise, so we are sure she's going to find great new parents here.

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