The Beach: a great place to visit...

...but we can never live there full-time.

My family loves the beach. It's close, but not too close. We often talk about getting a beach house someday, when we win Powerball or something. This last trip to the beach, while very fun and relaxing, reminded us of why we can never live there.

Reason #1: The pace, or lack thereof. Everything happens way...too...slowly...at...the...beach for us. Even the drive thru Starbucks (which, thank god there was one!) was extremely slow, both of the times we stopped there. I don't think I've ever waited that long for two cups of coffee in my life. In reality, it was probably only a few minutes. The service at restaurants is mind numbingly slow. The joke about "they're probably still killing the cow" is very applicable to the time wait at almost any restaurant we've been to in any beach town.

There are other reasons, but that's the big one that I think will keep us from ever becoming FT beachcombers. For now we'll just have to go and enjoy for brief periods of time. Tomorrow I look forward to going to my usual drive thru Starbucks, being greeted by the happiest person on earth, and then having my drink waiting for me as I pull up to pay. What a time snob I have become.

Sometimes, Textbook Baby does not equal fun times

In my inbox today was the weekly little ditty from BabyCenter.com telling me what my child should be doing at this stage of his life. At the top: "Doing errands around town is harder than ever with a pint-sized explorer in tow. Being strapped down in a car seat or stroller is the last place your toddler wants to be: Expect an earful — usually accompanied by an arched back and flailing arms and legs — when it's time to buckle up..."

Each time I get one of these in my inbox I can't believe it. I read it, and I think they must have a hidden camera following my family around 24/7. That previous description is Boo in a nutshell these days. Loving, sweet, happy, and fiercely independent and vocal/physical about exerting his independence.

Boo has always been a "textbook baby" in that he always seems to follow exactly what should be happening developmentally at his stage. When that means he is learning to roll over and sit up on his own, that's great and fun; when it means he is starting to exert his independence, while it is a wonderful thing to be proud of, I would not necessarily call the struggles to get him into his stroller or car seat after a trip to the zoo very fun. Great. He's right on track. Fanfreakintastic. Let me get the balloons and we'll get a cake to celebrate his tiny tantrums.

The other thing this week's email says is "Your challenge is to find ways to satisfy her need to mimic the things she sees you do, but safely. Consider getting her a set of plastic keys all her own." Uh, yeah right. Like my child can't tell the difference between my set of keys and a play set of toy keys. He did just get a toy MP3 player from his uncle, which he loves because it plays about 20 different kid songs (sung by kids with british accents for some reason - I don't get that). I couldn't believe it when I saw it- they really do make just about every toy imaginable.

The only stage he seems to be ahead of in those damn charts (oh how we hate them but oh how we read them over and over for reassurance that our child is "normal") is talking. So far, he says the following words: mama, dada, doggie, ball, car, thank you, birthday, purple, cracker, cookie, turtle, pasta. He knows the cow says Moo, the duck says Quack Quack, the sheep says Baa; he calls balloons, fans and lights different versions of "ba," he calls birds "bir" and ducks "du," and he says "dow" when he wants to go down.

I haven't picked up a baby book in a looong time, but I'm thinking that there are stages ahead that might require some assistance from logic other than our own gut instincts and other mommy tales. Potty training and the tantrums - I'm thinking it would be good to read up a little on those issues. My husband and I are bracing for the terrible twos. Bring it on.


"Vacation's all I ever wanted...

...vacation, how do you get away?" OK, I don't know if those are really the words to the Go Go's song, but I have it in my head because.... I am on vacation!!!!!!!!

This morning we went to a playdate and saw Boo's pals Mr. C, Miss L, and Miss E. One of the mamas has an awesome new e-boutique out that I must direct you to because it cannot be kept a secret: Blue Eye Boy offers adorable and high quality toddler boys' items, plus stuff for dads and moms (great candles from Bistro Candles on there too, which is also a mom-owned business). She's only just begun and has a plethora of stylish, hip boys stuff clothes and accessories that are going to be added in the coming months. I have my eye on several items for Boo and a few Christmas present ideas. Plus, I am a huge supporter of other mamas who decide to start their own businesses.

Anyway, Boo was a little fussy for the last half and then we had to leave early to pick his dad up from work. He ended up sleeping in the car, taking his second nap about two hours earlier than normal. I thought it was odd, but I figured, as long as he's sleeping well, that's all that matters.

So we picked up DH, stopped by home, packed up the dog, gave the keys over to our friends who are house-sitting (with their two big fluffy dogs that shed - thank goodness we are dog people, and that we invested in our Dyson! Best vacuum in the world!) and drove to our new favorite beach. It's hot in the city, but downright chilly here! I love it. I am totally a fall and spring person, and I am excited to wear cardigans while I am here. Is it fall yet?

Our dog LOVES the beach. That's him in the photo above (the hairy legs belong to my hubby - not me). Our dog would be in heaven if we lived at the beach. Boo loves the beach too. He loves being outside and pointing to all of the dogs and seagulls and watching the waves roll in.

So we ordered some room service which was great. I love room service. They told us it would be 40 minutes, which was fine, but then they knocked on the door 15 minutes after I hung up the phone and voila! Tasty treats to fill our hungry bellies, and 25 minutes sooner than we expected. We have a little kitchenette so some leftovers made their way to the fridge. Even our dog received a doggy bag of treats and a special note when we arrived in our room.

I should have brought more chocolate on this trip. And yes, my laptop goes with me wherever I go, even on vacation. Boo is sleeping and hubby is watching the telly while eating cookies, and dog is sleeping, so I figure it's safe to type away right now.

Is it wrong that I don't want to do anything while we're here but hang out, watch TV, stroll on the beach, watch the waves, and order room service? I don't feel like going about town, and we've been here before so there aren't many sights still left to be seen. I just want to veg in our room and on the beach. Even though we're not here long and it's not very far from home, it's nice to be away. The beach is my zen retreat.


Oh to have a girl...

There are few times I wish I had a baby girl. Seeing these adorable yet way too expensive and completely unnecessary car seat covers by Lexi Rose makes the secret girlie girl in me yearn for a little girl to buy silly frilly cutsie items for...only for a minute though. There's a cute blue and green retro dot pattern for boys in case anyone wants to splurge on Boo ;)


Compliment or Insult?

Someone knocked on our door. I was expecting my pal ML and her adorable daughter but instead found a red-haired, 5'9" or so, freckle faced boy in perhaps the 14-16 age range standing before me.

Him: Is your mom or dad home?
Me, dumbfounded: Excuse me?
Him: Is your mom or dad home? I just need to talk to someone over the age of 18.
Me, dumbfounded even more: I am over 18.
Him: Oh, ok... blah blah blah

He proceeds to go into some spiel about how his mom told him it would be better to go door to door about some random thing - I honestly have no clue what he was rambling about because a) his spiel was way too cheesy canned and LONG (note to his mom: you were WRONG. He should not have gone door-to-door and annoyed/scared the neighbors) and b) WTF? "I just need to talk to someone over the age of 18"?!?!?!?! Hello?!

Now I don't think I look super young, and definitely not in the under 18 category. I am 31 and quite happy being this age, with my eye wrinkles and aged hands and other 31-year-old traits. I definitely do not dress in that age category. Did he not even look at me before he asked me if my mom was home?

Should I be flattered or insulted? I go between the two. Meanwhile, after a while of his rambling, this kid started to freak me out. I really started to wonder if he was up to no good, and that's when I politely let him know I had guests coming over and bid him farewell.


Childfree Friends article & when is the right time to have children?

I was interviewed a couple of months back for an iParenting.com article about how to keep your friendships with childfree friends healthy. While I don't always follow my own advice, here is the link to the article anyway: To Parent or Not to Parent: Remaining Friends with a Childfree Couple.

I have many friends who do not have children. Some are simply waiting for a few years, others are longing to have them and in the process of TTC, and a small few never want children (pal E got her tubes tied just before her 30th birthday - she really doesn't want kids). It is interesting how each of these friendships, while all important to me in some fashion, is different.

It is also interesting how most people I know seem to want to have children later in life. Boo was born when I was 30. My other friends have had their first offspring at 29, 30, 31, 33, 37, 38 and 40. There are a ton of articles about the differences in having children in your twenties, thirties and forties. For me, 30 was the right time. My husband and I had been together for over 10 years, my career was going well and so was his, we had a house (albeit a small one - too small, as we now know) and I got my twenties out of my system.

When is the best time in one's life to have children?


Random mom ramblings on an eerily silent Thursday

Today is wacked. My son woke up an hour later than normal, which has thrown our whole morning off. He is still wide awake, sans his normal morning nap, playing as if he already took his nap. No fussing, no whining. Hmm...I have to wonder when the tantrum will begin. Nothing I have done has helped him nap and I'm not going to spend all day trying if he just doesn't seem interested. As a side note, I really really hate all of the stupid articles and books that dispense advice on babies and toddlers need for sleep. None of them have ever helped me - they just made me feel more inadequate, and quite frankly, I can make myself feel that way just fine on my own, thank you.

We were supposed to go to the zoo and meet up with a girlfriend and her 22 month old, but I got a voice mail that her daughter was up all night with the stomach flu. That sucks. Poor girl. Then another pal called and turns out she is going to the zoo too to meet another friend, but she was going right when I was in the thick of trying to get Boo to nap. So the zoo is not in our cards today

Maybe we're just lucky, but Boo has never been sick. He had a small cold last fall, but that's it. And we're not total germaphobes either, but one wise mama pointed out that it's probably the parents who are germaphobes who have sick kids because their bodies never get the chance to build up their immune systems.

Right now, Boo is carrying my big red laptop bag out of my office and into the living room. His first purse. How cute. Is he going to nap this morning? I'll try again in a bit.

In the meantime, more rambling...it's a quiet morning in the city and in the burbs. Very odd. The sun is just now starting to come out, and I'm looking forward to a cooler day since the heat is supposed to come back full force this weekend.

Back to the purse...if my son turned out to be gay, I honestly think I would have no problem with it. I was reading someone's blog about this issue and I wish I could remember which blog it was so I could link to it, but she wrote that (I'm paraphrasing here) she would still love him, but she would be uncomfortable seeing her child and significant other show affection toward each other, she would be sad for the unborn children, and some other things (sorry-can't find the blog to do her justice). It was very heartfelt. Yet I am the opposite. I would be fine if my child was gay. He's still my son, I still love him and I want him to be so utterly in love he's bursting with happiness and if that involves him kissing another man in front of me, so be it. They can always adopt. There are SO many beautiful children who need to be adopted by loving parents. I fully believe in the power of love, in all shapes and sizes, and all I want is for him to find the kind of happiness that his father and I have found with each other.

Took a short break to try to get Boo to nap again... So gas prices. What the hell? Why are they so damn high? I could go off politically here but am not feeling the energy it would take so I'll move on...

Last night we had our friend A.L. over for dinner. I made my corn and crab chowder. I love that soup. I woke up wanting to make it since it was cooler yesterday morning too. Still hit mid-80s yesterday but it was cooler than it had been and soup was what I was craving.

I have to work on my press stuff soon. Right after I get Boo to nap... argh.


Coffee & donuts

This morning I got some coffee and donuts. On my way home at the onramp light, there was a woman and a dog. She was holding a sign - you know the ones - "Please help. Homeless family. Anything is appreciated. God bless." Normally I drive by and try not to look. Today I looked, and I saw her. As my car moved forward to the light, I rolled down my window and gave her a few dollars. She moved toward me with a smile and thanked me and said "God bless you." I think I told her "best of luck to you" or something inane like that. As the light turned green, she moved back to her spot and held up her sign again, waiting. I drove on, and as I merged onto the highway I explained to Boo that we gave that woman money because even though we may not have a lot, we do have enough - and she has nothing.

And then I started crying. On the highway. I bit my lip and cried behind my sunglasses. I used to give money to the homeless more often, but this was the first time since college. What a selfish bitch I can be, concerned about where we should eat dinner or lunch when thousands of people in this country don't have those options. It felt good to give her money and to see her smile, which I believe to be genuine, but I also felt like shit. I didn't know if that woman was for real or one of the many fakes (how sad it is that there are people who are well off that fake being homeless). Perhaps she would use the money for alcohol or drugs, but I prefer to think she used it for water and food, for herself and her dog, and her family.

We have so much in life, and we spend too much time bitching about what we don't have. We should at least be able to count on having each other, to help and to care. I wish I could say that I did more with my life to help others. Maybe as Boo grows up, he will inspire me to get off my lazy, selfish ass and actually do something. I hope he grows into a loving, caring boy who helps take care of the world.


100 Things About Me

I can't remember who first told me about this offline - that I am supposed to do a "100 Things About Me" post once I create my 100th post - but someone else just razzed me about it, and I know, I am late. I think this is like my 120th post or something... So here I go, better late than never, yada yada...

1. I am short
2. but scrappy
3. which means I can kick your ass
4. I adore chocolate
5. Addicted might be the more appropriate word
6. I love trees
7. I am married to my college sweetheart
8. I love his quick wit and he's pretty cute and fun too
9. I have one son with said husband
10. I love them both more than the moon, and, if you can believe it, more than chocolate
11. I can't move out of the NW because the beer sucks everywhere else
12. I love being a mom
13. I love learning new things
14. I have lived in LA
15. I hated LA
16. I have lived in Boston
17. I loved Boston
18. especially the North End and the cannolis at Mike's Pastry
19. I think I am part Italian, even though I am Asian
20. I have played the flute, accordian, piano and drums
21. I used to sing Italian opera, but now am an alto
22. I wish I were more intelligent than I am
23. I love the beach
24. which is another reason I can't move out of the NW
25. but I would love to have a place in Paris
26. and New York City
27. and the Algarve in Portugal
28. I believe all women should feel empowered
29. I love seafood
30. Shrimp is my favorite, and not just because I am one
31. I love to write
32. I love to design
33. but think art/design school can be a waste of money
34. which is ironic since I worked at one for six years
35. I really don't care what people think
36. but sometimes I feel fat
37. especially after giving birth
38. I lost all of the baby weight (35 extra lbs) within three months of giving birth
39. but then gained some back
40. including a couple of extra inches around my midsection, which I'll just blame on beer gut
41. Oregon wine country beats California wine country
42. I love to read books and poetry
43. but must confess to being a magazine whore
44. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and clever copywriting
45. I feel very blessed and lucky to have the best friends in the world
46. I have the greatest, most wonderful family in the world
47. I feel extra blessed about them since I didn't choose them ;)
48. My parents are still married
49. I love them more than they will know
50. I owe my parents everything
51. My husband's parents are still married
52. I love them too
53. I once wanted to become a pediatrician
54. first when I was a little kid
55. and then again about six months ago, when I researched med school
56. but I really can't stand school
57. even though I was a straight-A student for the most part until HS
58. I love the social aspect of school
59. I was a mess in HS
60. I was a hyper, happy kid
61. I loved college
62. Some of my best friends today are from college
63. and they live in the NW even though we went to college back East
64. I believe more money should go toward eradicating illiteracy
65. I think Super Mom is a mythical creature that should be banned from all media
66. My son's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the entire world
67. I never thought I would live in the suburbs again
68. but here we are, in our dream home, on the westside
69. I love being my own boss
70. I can be vindictive if I feel I got screwed, and I play to win
71. I know who I am
72. I know who I am not
73. I really do like most people that I meet and believe most people are good
74. except the Bush administration
75. I believe this administration is the cause of most of what is wrong in our country
76. I want a woman to be President in 2008, but I'll take 2012
77. I love my country
78. I hate it when idiots call people unAmerican for questioning the President
79. I believe in being a good citizen, and always questioning authority
80. I love the show Lost
81. I love Jon Stewart (my husband is ok with this)
82. I liked The Mole when it was hosted by Anderson Cooper
83. I can't stand religious hypocrisy
84. My husband and I love, love, love to cook and entertain guests
85. I feel bad for kids with weird names
86. I could stare at my son every minute of every day and still be in shock at how beautiful and perfect he is
87. and be in even more shock that he's mine
88. I hate it when people ask me if I want more kids
89. I love shoes and bags
90. I love to travel
91. I shamefully drive a beautiful, horrible gas guzzler
92. but wish I drove a Toyota Prius
93. I wish I had more money (to buy a Prius or other hybrid car)
94. I've recycled ever since I can remember
95. I still love The Cure
96. I love our Lab Retriever
97. I don't have any regrets
98. I have too many plans on my Life To Do list
99. I've written hundreds of poems and some short stories since I was eight
100. but I am too chicken shit to try to get them published


This is Boo's House

Where is my house and what have you done with it, little Boo? And who took the woman inside of me that once swore she would keep a well-designed interior with cleverly hidden toy storage areas that could easily be converted into play areas with the snap of her fingers?

HA! I say. Those clever storage solutions can't quite hide the primary colored double tent and tunnel monstrosity that hubby and I just bought for Boo ("it's only $25! We HAVE to get it!" -- and that was me squealing with excitement at the Costco). We thought we could tuck it away in Boo's room, but alas, it doesn't fit. It really won't fit once we bring his kiddy pool into his room once the weather gets colder (actually, who knows if that will fit either- we'll get to that in October). So the little indoor play structure is now in our living room behind our couch. At least we tried to hide it. It's pretty damn cool, I have to say. Boo loves it. And I guess that is all that matters.

The same goes for all of the million other books, trucks, trains, music monstrosities, building blocks, and other tot toys that have taken over our living room. They used to all fit into one nice bin that was hid discreetly behind the couch when company came over. The bin even fit fairly well with the decor of the living room. Now that Boo is older he likes a little variety when he plays. Yeah, it's especially adorable when he presses buttons on all of his noisemaker/song toys all at once. Not.

OK. He does this cute little dance when he does play with those toys and that's cute. But the blaring obviously-adult-pretending-to-be-kid voices fa-la-la-ing continuously while a horn beeps and some other noise is coming from who knows where is not necessarily cute.

We moved from our old home because we knew we needed more space. I'm not moving again. If we become one of those families with the toy cars and bikes on our front porch, spilling out onto our back patio and into the bathrooms, so be it. I give up. Just be forewarned: if you come over to our house for a dinner party, you'll likely be sharing your seat with a stuffed turtle and we may make you crawl through the tunnel.


What's your percolating personality?

Just visited Cathy's blog and loved this quick and easy personality fun quiz. I am a frappacino, which is great because my favorite drink is the java chip frapp! Or the blended strawberry lemonade on hot days.
Try the quiz out for yourself and find out what coffee drink you are at the link below.

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low


Again? Again? Read it again?

Boo has always loved books, which I'm so happy about. Lately, however, he insists - DEMANDS - that we read the same book over and over and over and over....I think I read Good Night Moon 25 times yesterday, on top of reading How Big is Baby Elmo 10 times, Big Red Barn 10 times, and Quack at least three times. All in one day. He gets SO cute when we start reading: he sits down with his legs folded under his bum and he bounces up and down a couple of times. His eyes get really wide and he pats my leg a few times to get me going. SO cute. Sometimes he'll get so excited while we're reading that he walks around us a bit and sometimes attack us from behind in little boy hugs. SO cute too. What is sort of cute but starting to become not-so-fun for me or Boo's dad is the squeal at the end of the book, and the picking up and tossing of the book back into our laps, followed by a grunt and sad eyes from little Boo, pleading with us to read it again.

I thought this phase didn't start until at least two or something. Oh what do I know...I thought tantrums didn't start until then but we've seen a couple of those already.



The Frog Princess over at Book Lust interviewed me and here are my answers to her questions. If you want to be interviewed, see The Rules below my somewhat boring answers to her great questions.

1) What's your absolute favorite thing about being a mother?
Everything. I don't know if I could really say one absolute favorite thing. Cop-out answer, isn't it? But it's true. I love being a mom - EVERYTHING about being a mom. Watching a tiny creature grow into a human being, holding & kissing my son, getting hugs and kisses in return, watching him develop this amazing sense of humor, seeing his adorable smile all day long, learning to become a better human being along with my husband through parenting...etc. etc.
2) Do you plan on having more children, and if so how many?
Damn, even strangers are asking me this question! :) OK, the answer is yes, possibly, maybe, we shall see. If in the end the answer is yes to the first part of this question, the answer to the second part would most definitely be just one more kid. If we have another, he/she will be our final child. We don't know if we'll definitely have child #2 but we do know we have a two-kid maximum.
3) Do you read at all, and if so what is your favorite book?
Read? What's that? Just kidding. My favorite book off the top of my head is Northanger Abby by Jane Austen. Quick beach read classic. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett is right up there also, as is Girlfriend in a Coma by DOuglas Coupland.
4) What do you like most about the blogging community?
The amazing ability to instantly connect with people all over the world. Sometimes I also think blogs are like reality shows: you read them because they help give you some validation to know you are not alone in your thinking, experiences, etc.
5) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
To eat all of the chocolate in the world and stay skinny. I haven't seen an action figure for that kind of superhero yet.

The Rules
1. Leave me a comment saying 'interview me please'
2. I will respond by asking you five questions on your blog (not the same questions you see here)
3. Update your blog/site with the answers to the questions
4. Include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, ask them five questions

Boring Mid-day Post

I am posting this in the middle of the day, just because I can. I am digging this stay/work from home life. It's hot out today and Boo and I just got back from a walk around the hood. One thing I love about our semi-new house: central air, baby. So refreshing to walk back inside and cool off quickly. They say that you don't need central air in Portland, but we've used it sooo many times already in the few months we've lived in this house.

Working from home is presenting interesting challenges, the greatest of which is figuring out when I can work around my time with Boo. It's like a time puzzle and I have to carefully put the pieces together just right or else my whole schedule is off. Much of my schedule is dictated by Boo's naps - he doesn't always nap at the same time.

I guess together we are figuring out this whole work from home thing. So far I think it's been awesome for my relationship with Boo, and my overall well-being. I'm happier than I have ever been - it's nice to be this happy again.

Boring post, over and out.


Why Moms Blog

At a playdate this week, one of the mamas said something to the effect of "This whole blogging thing - I don't get it. Why would you blog? Why don't people just write in a journal?" At that point I had to admit my blogging addiction, and I felt a bit sheepish about being a blogger right then. Until last year, I didn't get the fascination either. Why blog? Why do so many moms blog?

Now, of course, I get it. I love blogging. Here's a short list of reasons I personally love to blog:

1. I once made a pact with myself to write for at least five minutes a day, aside from the writing I did for work. Blogging easily fills that promise I made to myself.

2. I type 85 words per minute; I write about 35 words per minute, and at least half of those words are illegible. Moms don't have a lot of time, especially to journal, which is an important thing for moms to do, I think. So you do the math - which is less time consuming?

3. To document my son's milestones - the good and the silly - as well as my own milestones as a mother.

4. To vent & to bitch with other moms.

5. To get support, advice, opposing points of views from other moms. Hearing from Anonymous in Who-Knows-Where USA that she went through the same exact thing and survived somehow makes me feel better. The same goes for reading other mom blogs. I love 'em.

6. To think things through and problem solve. I tend to solve problems by putting things down on paper and sorting them out that way. Blogging is a great (albeit very public) way to do that.

Why do you blog?


New Poll: Celebrity Mom Swap

New poll! If you could trade lives with any of these celebrity moms, which would you prefer to be? Vote now in the blue poll on the right side of this blog and feel free to leave comments to this post as to why you chose that celebrity mom (or why you would choose someone not on this list).

1. Demi Moore (3 kids: Rumer Glenn, Scout Larue, Tallulah Belle)
2. Reese Witherspoon (Ava & Deacon)
3. Angelina Jolie (2 kids: Maddox & ??)
4. Courtney Cox (one tot: Coco)
5. Sarah Jessica Parker (one boy)
6. Julia Roberts (twins: Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter)
7. Madonna (kiddies Lourdes & Rocco)

Of those who voted in the last poll, 57% of you would prefer to be stranded on a desert island with Jon Stewart, king of comedy. 29% voted for John Cusack, king of the romantic comedy; and 14% would prefer to be stranded on a desert island with The John, as in, The Toilet. I'm with the majority on this last poll - I love Jon Stewart. He's a funny, funny guy.


Bad Mama Confession #10011: my toddler watches tv

I used to think I would do everything I could to limit my child's television watching time. I still think I will limit it, but not as much as I thought I would. Now that Boo is a toddler, I'm learning just how important those educational programs really are - to his ever-growing toddler brain and to whatever sanity we have left as parents.

One hour a day - that was the limit I thought I would stick to. We passed that a few months back, I believe. Boo used to have one 1/2 hour long Baby Einstein DVD that he watched once every few days. He now has three, and he'll watch one a day (ok, sometimes two a day). He watches Nickelodeon in the morning for half an hour to an hour when we first wake up (this allows us time to actually wake up a little). This is how I know who the Doodlebops are. They are on after my arch-nemesis, Winnie the Pooh.

Since watching more of the tube, his vocabulary has tripled. He dances all the time, and sometimes I think he is singing/humming along. He knows which animal is the turtle, which is the duck (and that the duck says quack) and he loves to splash in the water even more after watching his Baby Neptune DVD a few times. He loves the music and colors and characters, and after watching a good amount of this kid tube stuff myself, I must say, they really do teach kids. Who knew?


Congrats New Mamas

I have so many things I want to write about today that I can't decide. So in lieu of being all about me and baby today, I'm going to take this opp to congratulate a fellow blogger. Baby_Mama over at Ready or Not just gave birth a few days ago to a beautiful baby girl. I normally read blogs of current moms and not moms-to-be, but I must say that her writing hit home with me and her stories took me back down the beautiful memory lane of my own pregnancy with Boo.

Congratulations, new mom! She is also a fellow PDXer and a great comment poster to this blog, so I feel doubly compelled to give a shout out to this new mama. Go check out her most excellent site now!

Tomorrow I shall get back to adventures with Boo and my foray into the world of WAHMs.

Oh happy days

Being my own boss ROCKS! Yesterday, Boo and I trekked all over town. We also finally got him a backpack carrier - the Kelty Tour - which is awesome. He really loves to ride in it. He gets a little heavy on my back, but it beats his screaming in his stroller in protest. We also found an awesome lunch spot where the waitresses love him to death and we got a ton of food for $4.95 - can't beat that! I also got a ton of work done yesterday for both businesses. This new life is awesome. Woohoo!