100 Things About Me

I can't remember who first told me about this offline - that I am supposed to do a "100 Things About Me" post once I create my 100th post - but someone else just razzed me about it, and I know, I am late. I think this is like my 120th post or something... So here I go, better late than never, yada yada...

1. I am short
2. but scrappy
3. which means I can kick your ass
4. I adore chocolate
5. Addicted might be the more appropriate word
6. I love trees
7. I am married to my college sweetheart
8. I love his quick wit and he's pretty cute and fun too
9. I have one son with said husband
10. I love them both more than the moon, and, if you can believe it, more than chocolate
11. I can't move out of the NW because the beer sucks everywhere else
12. I love being a mom
13. I love learning new things
14. I have lived in LA
15. I hated LA
16. I have lived in Boston
17. I loved Boston
18. especially the North End and the cannolis at Mike's Pastry
19. I think I am part Italian, even though I am Asian
20. I have played the flute, accordian, piano and drums
21. I used to sing Italian opera, but now am an alto
22. I wish I were more intelligent than I am
23. I love the beach
24. which is another reason I can't move out of the NW
25. but I would love to have a place in Paris
26. and New York City
27. and the Algarve in Portugal
28. I believe all women should feel empowered
29. I love seafood
30. Shrimp is my favorite, and not just because I am one
31. I love to write
32. I love to design
33. but think art/design school can be a waste of money
34. which is ironic since I worked at one for six years
35. I really don't care what people think
36. but sometimes I feel fat
37. especially after giving birth
38. I lost all of the baby weight (35 extra lbs) within three months of giving birth
39. but then gained some back
40. including a couple of extra inches around my midsection, which I'll just blame on beer gut
41. Oregon wine country beats California wine country
42. I love to read books and poetry
43. but must confess to being a magazine whore
44. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and clever copywriting
45. I feel very blessed and lucky to have the best friends in the world
46. I have the greatest, most wonderful family in the world
47. I feel extra blessed about them since I didn't choose them ;)
48. My parents are still married
49. I love them more than they will know
50. I owe my parents everything
51. My husband's parents are still married
52. I love them too
53. I once wanted to become a pediatrician
54. first when I was a little kid
55. and then again about six months ago, when I researched med school
56. but I really can't stand school
57. even though I was a straight-A student for the most part until HS
58. I love the social aspect of school
59. I was a mess in HS
60. I was a hyper, happy kid
61. I loved college
62. Some of my best friends today are from college
63. and they live in the NW even though we went to college back East
64. I believe more money should go toward eradicating illiteracy
65. I think Super Mom is a mythical creature that should be banned from all media
66. My son's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the entire world
67. I never thought I would live in the suburbs again
68. but here we are, in our dream home, on the westside
69. I love being my own boss
70. I can be vindictive if I feel I got screwed, and I play to win
71. I know who I am
72. I know who I am not
73. I really do like most people that I meet and believe most people are good
74. except the Bush administration
75. I believe this administration is the cause of most of what is wrong in our country
76. I want a woman to be President in 2008, but I'll take 2012
77. I love my country
78. I hate it when idiots call people unAmerican for questioning the President
79. I believe in being a good citizen, and always questioning authority
80. I love the show Lost
81. I love Jon Stewart (my husband is ok with this)
82. I liked The Mole when it was hosted by Anderson Cooper
83. I can't stand religious hypocrisy
84. My husband and I love, love, love to cook and entertain guests
85. I feel bad for kids with weird names
86. I could stare at my son every minute of every day and still be in shock at how beautiful and perfect he is
87. and be in even more shock that he's mine
88. I hate it when people ask me if I want more kids
89. I love shoes and bags
90. I love to travel
91. I shamefully drive a beautiful, horrible gas guzzler
92. but wish I drove a Toyota Prius
93. I wish I had more money (to buy a Prius or other hybrid car)
94. I've recycled ever since I can remember
95. I still love The Cure
96. I love our Lab Retriever
97. I don't have any regrets
98. I have too many plans on my Life To Do list
99. I've written hundreds of poems and some short stories since I was eight
100. but I am too chicken shit to try to get them published


Anonymous said...

Great post, you really have a knack for writing. Please keep up the good work. Believe it or not, people like me DO read these things!
Sam Freedom the coolest guy on the planet

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Anonymous said...

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Mama M said...

Thanks for the comments! Sam Freedom...is that like Sam Spade?

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Dawn said...

I love to read "100 things" although I just did my own about a month ago after blogging since 2002.

I have an accordian in my closet. It's kid size. I learned to play it in the 3rd grade, then switched to clarinet in 6th and bass clarinet in 7th.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

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Sam Freedom said...

Mama M,

No, not like Sam Spade, just like Sam Freedom. But man, that is a long list, and please, c'mon, it's time to let go of the Cure. That was then and this is now. ;-)

the coolest guy on the planet

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Mama M said...

Sam - uh, it is, after all, the traditional 100 things, not 10 things...:) and no way am I giving up The Cure!

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Debby and Tory said...

I'm with you on the Cure thing...rock on!;)

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