Again? Again? Read it again?

Boo has always loved books, which I'm so happy about. Lately, however, he insists - DEMANDS - that we read the same book over and over and over and over....I think I read Good Night Moon 25 times yesterday, on top of reading How Big is Baby Elmo 10 times, Big Red Barn 10 times, and Quack at least three times. All in one day. He gets SO cute when we start reading: he sits down with his legs folded under his bum and he bounces up and down a couple of times. His eyes get really wide and he pats my leg a few times to get me going. SO cute. Sometimes he'll get so excited while we're reading that he walks around us a bit and sometimes attack us from behind in little boy hugs. SO cute too. What is sort of cute but starting to become not-so-fun for me or Boo's dad is the squeal at the end of the book, and the picking up and tossing of the book back into our laps, followed by a grunt and sad eyes from little Boo, pleading with us to read it again.

I thought this phase didn't start until at least two or something. Oh what do I know...I thought tantrums didn't start until then but we've seen a couple of those already.


Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello....

Oh reading time at your house sounds wonderful and yes, oh-so-cute.

However, please do reasure me that squaling at the end of the book is something that you are not supposed to outgrow. I need to know this before I reach the end of the book I am currently reading.

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Mama M said...

Thanks for stopping by!

No, you're not supposed to outgrow the squealing at the end of books. If you are ever on an airplane and hear a woman squealing with delight it is likely I, having polished off the latest guilty pleasure girl-meets-boy plane book. Or it's my son, whose squeal kinda sounds like a girl's right now...hopefully he WILL outgrow that.

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Beanhead said...

OH good night moon is the best! My kids are 4,8,and 9 and they still love that book. My 8 year old actually got the chance to read it to the gov. of Florida when she was 4.

BTW.. Thanks for stopping by my site nad answering my question...:)

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~Cathy~ said...

How sweet! My 20 month old LOVES to be read to too. She doesn't have a current fave.... just whatever she picks up before she climbs onto your lap. You have to love this age....

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Mike said...

When my daughter was small, I used to read to her from "Walt Disney's Storyland" everynight before she went to sleep. It was a collection of 55 stories in book form from Disney movies and the TV program. But one story, eventually only that story did she want to hear.
It was the Uncle Remus story "The Tar Baby." Because I had a southern dialect (W.Va)I could read the story just like I spoke. I was surprised to learn 25 years later that she still had the book with a book mark on that story. She told me that someday her child would want "grampy" to read that same story.
Someday might be sooner than later, my little girl gets married in October. It's a shame that such wonderful stories are banned these days because of PC.

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Anonymous said...
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Mama M said...

I don't normally delete comments, but I had to delete the last comment: I just got spammed by some random company - in my comments section of all places! Argh.

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