Bad Mama Confession #10011: my toddler watches tv

I used to think I would do everything I could to limit my child's television watching time. I still think I will limit it, but not as much as I thought I would. Now that Boo is a toddler, I'm learning just how important those educational programs really are - to his ever-growing toddler brain and to whatever sanity we have left as parents.

One hour a day - that was the limit I thought I would stick to. We passed that a few months back, I believe. Boo used to have one 1/2 hour long Baby Einstein DVD that he watched once every few days. He now has three, and he'll watch one a day (ok, sometimes two a day). He watches Nickelodeon in the morning for half an hour to an hour when we first wake up (this allows us time to actually wake up a little). This is how I know who the Doodlebops are. They are on after my arch-nemesis, Winnie the Pooh.

Since watching more of the tube, his vocabulary has tripled. He dances all the time, and sometimes I think he is singing/humming along. He knows which animal is the turtle, which is the duck (and that the duck says quack) and he loves to splash in the water even more after watching his Baby Neptune DVD a few times. He loves the music and colors and characters, and after watching a good amount of this kid tube stuff myself, I must say, they really do teach kids. Who knew?


Beanhead said...

I used to try to be the perfect mom and let them only watch tv for 1 hour per day also but now I am just happy to see them watching something that is not going to give them nightmares all night long...:)

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betty said...

I went back and forth on the TV watching thing too. It turned out to be a god-send when my kids were toddlers because I couldn't get anything done when they were at that developmental stage, but now that my son is getting a bit older and can more easily grasp reasons for things and can amuse himself in different ways, I'm beginning to slowly cut back on his TV viewing time.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, M, I'm finally posting a comment. I love your site and I do read it often. I, too, am a big "anti-tv" person, but we blew it this past month with the Tour de France coverage. The worst part is, it isn't even children's programming, so we've just introduced her to hours and hours of mainstream TV! Oh, well. So far, the only damage we've noticed is minimal. Her favorite word is no longer duck; it's now bike.
-- ML

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Mama M said...

It is good to know I am not the only one who allows a little TV now and then!

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