The Beach: a great place to visit...

...but we can never live there full-time.

My family loves the beach. It's close, but not too close. We often talk about getting a beach house someday, when we win Powerball or something. This last trip to the beach, while very fun and relaxing, reminded us of why we can never live there.

Reason #1: The pace, or lack thereof. Everything happens way...too...slowly...at...the...beach for us. Even the drive thru Starbucks (which, thank god there was one!) was extremely slow, both of the times we stopped there. I don't think I've ever waited that long for two cups of coffee in my life. In reality, it was probably only a few minutes. The service at restaurants is mind numbingly slow. The joke about "they're probably still killing the cow" is very applicable to the time wait at almost any restaurant we've been to in any beach town.

There are other reasons, but that's the big one that I think will keep us from ever becoming FT beachcombers. For now we'll just have to go and enjoy for brief periods of time. Tomorrow I look forward to going to my usual drive thru Starbucks, being greeted by the happiest person on earth, and then having my drink waiting for me as I pull up to pay. What a time snob I have become.


Indigo said...

We spent the last part of last week in the boonies. I think he would have kissed the ground if he'd have found a Starbucks!!

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Kirsten said...

You must have better luck than I do w/ the drive--thru starbucks....the one here in SE always seems backed up!!! But, you know that I will wait hours, walk a thousand miles etc. for my coffee! Welcome back!

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Vicki said...

I found your blog via Links2Blogs and I really enjoyed the read. you have a beautiful son. I have 3 sons myself.

Hope you don't mind if i come back again and read. maybe you want to exhcnage links..tho my blog is very new right now...lol


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