Compliment or Insult?

Someone knocked on our door. I was expecting my pal ML and her adorable daughter but instead found a red-haired, 5'9" or so, freckle faced boy in perhaps the 14-16 age range standing before me.

Him: Is your mom or dad home?
Me, dumbfounded: Excuse me?
Him: Is your mom or dad home? I just need to talk to someone over the age of 18.
Me, dumbfounded even more: I am over 18.
Him: Oh, ok... blah blah blah

He proceeds to go into some spiel about how his mom told him it would be better to go door to door about some random thing - I honestly have no clue what he was rambling about because a) his spiel was way too cheesy canned and LONG (note to his mom: you were WRONG. He should not have gone door-to-door and annoyed/scared the neighbors) and b) WTF? "I just need to talk to someone over the age of 18"?!?!?!?! Hello?!

Now I don't think I look super young, and definitely not in the under 18 category. I am 31 and quite happy being this age, with my eye wrinkles and aged hands and other 31-year-old traits. I definitely do not dress in that age category. Did he not even look at me before he asked me if my mom was home?

Should I be flattered or insulted? I go between the two. Meanwhile, after a while of his rambling, this kid started to freak me out. I really started to wonder if he was up to no good, and that's when I politely let him know I had guests coming over and bid him farewell.


Kirsten said...

Freaky! I know that I feel totally uncomfortable when random folks show up to sell things at my house! Yuck!

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Laura GF said...

This is just so weird. Who would advise their child to take this approach? What a world...

Thanks for your great comment on my site -- I wanted to email you back about it but could not find an address. I loved seeing you back again!

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Sydney said...

If that happened when you were my age you'd be running for a video camera and a witness.

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