Sometimes, Textbook Baby does not equal fun times

In my inbox today was the weekly little ditty from BabyCenter.com telling me what my child should be doing at this stage of his life. At the top: "Doing errands around town is harder than ever with a pint-sized explorer in tow. Being strapped down in a car seat or stroller is the last place your toddler wants to be: Expect an earful — usually accompanied by an arched back and flailing arms and legs — when it's time to buckle up..."

Each time I get one of these in my inbox I can't believe it. I read it, and I think they must have a hidden camera following my family around 24/7. That previous description is Boo in a nutshell these days. Loving, sweet, happy, and fiercely independent and vocal/physical about exerting his independence.

Boo has always been a "textbook baby" in that he always seems to follow exactly what should be happening developmentally at his stage. When that means he is learning to roll over and sit up on his own, that's great and fun; when it means he is starting to exert his independence, while it is a wonderful thing to be proud of, I would not necessarily call the struggles to get him into his stroller or car seat after a trip to the zoo very fun. Great. He's right on track. Fanfreakintastic. Let me get the balloons and we'll get a cake to celebrate his tiny tantrums.

The other thing this week's email says is "Your challenge is to find ways to satisfy her need to mimic the things she sees you do, but safely. Consider getting her a set of plastic keys all her own." Uh, yeah right. Like my child can't tell the difference between my set of keys and a play set of toy keys. He did just get a toy MP3 player from his uncle, which he loves because it plays about 20 different kid songs (sung by kids with british accents for some reason - I don't get that). I couldn't believe it when I saw it- they really do make just about every toy imaginable.

The only stage he seems to be ahead of in those damn charts (oh how we hate them but oh how we read them over and over for reassurance that our child is "normal") is talking. So far, he says the following words: mama, dada, doggie, ball, car, thank you, birthday, purple, cracker, cookie, turtle, pasta. He knows the cow says Moo, the duck says Quack Quack, the sheep says Baa; he calls balloons, fans and lights different versions of "ba," he calls birds "bir" and ducks "du," and he says "dow" when he wants to go down.

I haven't picked up a baby book in a looong time, but I'm thinking that there are stages ahead that might require some assistance from logic other than our own gut instincts and other mommy tales. Potty training and the tantrums - I'm thinking it would be good to read up a little on those issues. My husband and I are bracing for the terrible twos. Bring it on.


Suburban Turmoil said...

I so relate- I get the Baby Center e-mails and compare them with my 16-month-old, too! Along with other 16-month-olds and all the development charts in the "What to Expect" book. All I know is that every month gets better than the one before...

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