This is Boo's House

Where is my house and what have you done with it, little Boo? And who took the woman inside of me that once swore she would keep a well-designed interior with cleverly hidden toy storage areas that could easily be converted into play areas with the snap of her fingers?

HA! I say. Those clever storage solutions can't quite hide the primary colored double tent and tunnel monstrosity that hubby and I just bought for Boo ("it's only $25! We HAVE to get it!" -- and that was me squealing with excitement at the Costco). We thought we could tuck it away in Boo's room, but alas, it doesn't fit. It really won't fit once we bring his kiddy pool into his room once the weather gets colder (actually, who knows if that will fit either- we'll get to that in October). So the little indoor play structure is now in our living room behind our couch. At least we tried to hide it. It's pretty damn cool, I have to say. Boo loves it. And I guess that is all that matters.

The same goes for all of the million other books, trucks, trains, music monstrosities, building blocks, and other tot toys that have taken over our living room. They used to all fit into one nice bin that was hid discreetly behind the couch when company came over. The bin even fit fairly well with the decor of the living room. Now that Boo is older he likes a little variety when he plays. Yeah, it's especially adorable when he presses buttons on all of his noisemaker/song toys all at once. Not.

OK. He does this cute little dance when he does play with those toys and that's cute. But the blaring obviously-adult-pretending-to-be-kid voices fa-la-la-ing continuously while a horn beeps and some other noise is coming from who knows where is not necessarily cute.

We moved from our old home because we knew we needed more space. I'm not moving again. If we become one of those families with the toy cars and bikes on our front porch, spilling out onto our back patio and into the bathrooms, so be it. I give up. Just be forewarned: if you come over to our house for a dinner party, you'll likely be sharing your seat with a stuffed turtle and we may make you crawl through the tunnel.


colleen said...

mothering was the highlight of my life. Enjoy it! michele sent me.

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