"Vacation's all I ever wanted...

...vacation, how do you get away?" OK, I don't know if those are really the words to the Go Go's song, but I have it in my head because.... I am on vacation!!!!!!!!

This morning we went to a playdate and saw Boo's pals Mr. C, Miss L, and Miss E. One of the mamas has an awesome new e-boutique out that I must direct you to because it cannot be kept a secret: Blue Eye Boy offers adorable and high quality toddler boys' items, plus stuff for dads and moms (great candles from Bistro Candles on there too, which is also a mom-owned business). She's only just begun and has a plethora of stylish, hip boys stuff clothes and accessories that are going to be added in the coming months. I have my eye on several items for Boo and a few Christmas present ideas. Plus, I am a huge supporter of other mamas who decide to start their own businesses.

Anyway, Boo was a little fussy for the last half and then we had to leave early to pick his dad up from work. He ended up sleeping in the car, taking his second nap about two hours earlier than normal. I thought it was odd, but I figured, as long as he's sleeping well, that's all that matters.

So we picked up DH, stopped by home, packed up the dog, gave the keys over to our friends who are house-sitting (with their two big fluffy dogs that shed - thank goodness we are dog people, and that we invested in our Dyson! Best vacuum in the world!) and drove to our new favorite beach. It's hot in the city, but downright chilly here! I love it. I am totally a fall and spring person, and I am excited to wear cardigans while I am here. Is it fall yet?

Our dog LOVES the beach. That's him in the photo above (the hairy legs belong to my hubby - not me). Our dog would be in heaven if we lived at the beach. Boo loves the beach too. He loves being outside and pointing to all of the dogs and seagulls and watching the waves roll in.

So we ordered some room service which was great. I love room service. They told us it would be 40 minutes, which was fine, but then they knocked on the door 15 minutes after I hung up the phone and voila! Tasty treats to fill our hungry bellies, and 25 minutes sooner than we expected. We have a little kitchenette so some leftovers made their way to the fridge. Even our dog received a doggy bag of treats and a special note when we arrived in our room.

I should have brought more chocolate on this trip. And yes, my laptop goes with me wherever I go, even on vacation. Boo is sleeping and hubby is watching the telly while eating cookies, and dog is sleeping, so I figure it's safe to type away right now.

Is it wrong that I don't want to do anything while we're here but hang out, watch TV, stroll on the beach, watch the waves, and order room service? I don't feel like going about town, and we've been here before so there aren't many sights still left to be seen. I just want to veg in our room and on the beach. Even though we're not here long and it's not very far from home, it's nice to be away. The beach is my zen retreat.


Kirsten said...

I hope you are having an awesome time! You so deserve a vacation with all that has been going on in your life. What a cutie your little Boo is!

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