Why Moms Blog

At a playdate this week, one of the mamas said something to the effect of "This whole blogging thing - I don't get it. Why would you blog? Why don't people just write in a journal?" At that point I had to admit my blogging addiction, and I felt a bit sheepish about being a blogger right then. Until last year, I didn't get the fascination either. Why blog? Why do so many moms blog?

Now, of course, I get it. I love blogging. Here's a short list of reasons I personally love to blog:

1. I once made a pact with myself to write for at least five minutes a day, aside from the writing I did for work. Blogging easily fills that promise I made to myself.

2. I type 85 words per minute; I write about 35 words per minute, and at least half of those words are illegible. Moms don't have a lot of time, especially to journal, which is an important thing for moms to do, I think. So you do the math - which is less time consuming?

3. To document my son's milestones - the good and the silly - as well as my own milestones as a mother.

4. To vent & to bitch with other moms.

5. To get support, advice, opposing points of views from other moms. Hearing from Anonymous in Who-Knows-Where USA that she went through the same exact thing and survived somehow makes me feel better. The same goes for reading other mom blogs. I love 'em.

6. To think things through and problem solve. I tend to solve problems by putting things down on paper and sorting them out that way. Blogging is a great (albeit very public) way to do that.

Why do you blog?


Beanhead said...

Simply because I can!

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Dumbass Reporter said...

I blog because somebody has to write about these dumbasses amongst us, who else is gona do it?

Hi, you sent me!

I type as fast as my two point fingers lets me, which I guess is about 40 words per minute. I could never use all my fingers, don't know why. Maybe because I'm a dumbass.

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the frog princess said...

Hi Mama M! Thanks for visiting my blog! Here are your questions, as requested:

1) What's your absolute favorite thing about being a mother?
2) Do you plan on having more children, and if so how many?
3) Do you read at all, and if so what is your favorite book?
4) What do you like most about the blogging community?
5) If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Have fun!

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