Blogging, Napping, Working, Playing, Flaming Napkins

I am blogging about blogging today, at least for the first paragraph or two. I find my chaotic life leading me further away from maintaining this blog, this outlet for random spewing of thoughts/Boo's online baby book. I used to write every day or every other day. Now maybe I am down to once or twice a week. I feel like I have neglected this dear blog when I don't write as much. Poor blog. I do love you like the rest of my daily must-do's I just have been struggling with balancing responsibilities. Like right now, when I should be completing some copy for something that will actually help me get paid in cash instead of you, dear blog, who pays me in kind and reassuring comments and sometimes evil spam comments.

Boo is down to one nap a day now. At 15-1/2 months, he sleeps in the middle of the day for about an hour and a half. On the couch, not his crib, mind you. He seems to have transitioned fairly well. Of course, this puts a wrench in our playdate scheduling. One of his pals has also transitioned to one nap a day while the others are at two. I'm hosting this week's playdate, and figuring out a time when all babies and mamas could meet was rather interesting. I hope everyone can make it! I think this means I have to clean my house... I can get a heck of a lot of work done in the hour and a half that Boo naps, both housework and work-work. Which is good, because I desperately need to get a ton of work done in the next month.

I'm working every minute Boo isn't awake, or at least that's what I feel like. I'm trying to get my businesses off the ground, which requires a million hours of work, while simultaneously helping others with their businesses. It's seriously a lot of fun and challenging in an exciting, adrenaline-rush kind of way, but still challenging nonetheless.

My husband and I actually took some time out this weekend to play a bit more than usual. Yesterday we went to a concert and then went to a bar/restaurant we used to frequent a lot. The night before that we went to a friend's party, but we brought Boo. He loves our friends parties. We just change him into his jammies toward the end of the night and he falls asleep in the car on the way home. But the combined festivities kicked our old, creaky boned, lame asses. I think my husband slept most of the day today, when he wasn't watching football. I worked and played with Boo most of the day, but this morning I was in a world of hurt. Oh, we also went on a jog with Boo yesterday, which could have added to the ass-kicking we felt today. I have been on possibly three, maybe four jogs since giving birth. I'm down with the walks around the huge-hill-infested neighborhood every once in a while, but it's taking me a while to get back into jogging. Not that I'm a Jogger, mind you, but I like to do so every now and then. So we did a lot of stuff in one weekend for us, in addition to the usual housework and errand running we do, and our sad bodies are tired. I need to work out more. My jelly belly is screaming for a regular workout and so is my bubble butt.

Highlight of last night: we were at the bar with my dear pal and her co-worker (who is secretly in love with her and she had an interesting night before last with him, which is more interesting seeing as how he is almost 10 years younger than she...and if you are reading this, relax, dear friend, nobody who reads this knows it is you :) So we're having some beers and suddenly I smelled something burning and saw that the napkin in front of my husband and my friend's co-worker was on fire. I don't know how I did this so casually, but I just said "oh, your napkin is on fire. Here, use my water glass" and there you have it. The guys jumped a little, but maybe that's because they realized it was only a short matter of seconds before their shirtsleevescaight on fire too. The waitress came over and asked if something was on fire, and when we told her it was a cloth napkin she just as casually said, "oh, okay" and then walked away.