Family matters

Happy birthday Dad!!!! Happy birthday cousin Stephanie!!!!

So turns out that my great-grandmother is going to have surgery after all, and things may not be as bleak as they originally seemed. Of course, I have been receiving all of the updates from my mother, who has a tendency to exaggerate and distort the actual facts from time to time based on her own outlook and opinions. Gotta love her. She also has a tendency to take way too long to get to the point, which frustrates me to no end on telephone calls, but that's an aside to the point of this post. I'm a bit PMSy right now, can ya tell? I'm just glad things seem to be looking up for my Lola.

And so, we will visit my 101-year-old great-grandmother tonight. The aunts and uncles will converge upon the city tomorrow to spend the weekend with her, while the cousins will continue with the reunion plans.

There are about eight cousins that I grew up with. I have a ton more second cousins and family friends we called cousins, but there's a core of about eight of us who really spent a lot of time growing up together as kids since we all lived either in Oregon, Washington or southwestern Canada. Now most of us have our own kids. This weekend is almost like a passing of the baton, as we are now the adults bringing our own kids together. It's a little odd, since it seems like just a moment ago we were the kids, running away from cousin T because he was trying to fart on everyone. I'm not saying that won't happen this weekend, but it's weird to think that soon enough it will be Boo and his second cousins Master S, cutie pies Miss S and Little Miss A, and cousin KNJ who is on the way... soon they'll be the ones chasing each other, playing games, making each other cry, and telling each other exaggerated stories.

I am looking forward to this weekend with my cousins. It feels really nice to be able to see them all again and catch up. It feels so good to have family like this, and to pass along these traditions and responsibilities to my own son.


betty said...

I think it's really special that you have such a close and loving relationship with your cousins and your other extended family members! I never experienced that with my own family. There are many 1st cousins that live close by to my parents who I have never even met!! My parents, for some reason, are estranged from many of their relatives. It's so sad. And, what makes it even worse is that the same thing is happening to my generation. I barely know my own nieces and nephews. I hope that my own 2 kids will grow up to have a good relationship with each other, and be able to develop a relationship with their own nieces/nephews.

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Kirsten said...

That sounds awesome! You are going to have such a great weekend. I have 32 1st cousins and we all try to have a reunion once a year. Always a good time!

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Mama M said...

I was going to say Holy Cow: 32 first cousins?!?! Then I counted mine and realized I'm not far behind: 25 first cousins in all. Most of them live in other countries or on the opposite coast though :( I am grateful for the ones who do live near!

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