Mommy forever?

I want to stay Boo's mama forever. I know I will always be his mom, but how sad is it that I am already dreading the day he no longer lets me hug him or he no longer runs to me with a huge smile and his arms up for a hug? I always want to be the one he runs to for a snuggle and hugs tightly when he's sleepy. I want to be the one he looks up to for approval to see if he said a word correctly or if he put something away correctly. I am selfish and want to always be needed and loved the way he needs and loves me now. How painfully ironic this life of parenthood is, to love and care for our children the best we can so that they will someday no longer need us, so they can go out and love and care for others in the same way.

Boo's been playing games like never before and just walking, running, playing, talking like a little boy. He's also discovered this screeching noise that he likes to make when he wants something, which makes my husband grit his teeth, but slowly we are teaching him to use his inside voice and sign for what he wants. How did I become this person who says "we use our inside voice here" or "if you try to eat that rock again I will have to take it away from you?" Who am I? And why can't I stay this way forever? Forever Boo's mama, hugging and snuggling and kissing my baby. I guess I'd better get all of the mushy mama stuff in now, before he starts running away from my arms instead of into them.


Anonymous said...

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Indigo said...

I think it's sweet that you want to be able to snuggle up and get those hugs forever. It's a mother's instinct, I think. It's tough when they grow older and decide they'd rather do things on their own, and NOT hug their mommys. :-(

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Beanhead said...

You know I was always so worried that my kids would do this one day. and yes in public my girls(9 & 10) are like mom... but they still let me kiss them at school. At home my kids are always in my lap and loving me up. My son(4) is still very loving in public even. I think our kids no matter how old will never be to old for a hug from their momma...:)

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Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

This is the sweetest thing ever! My husband and I are expecting our first child and it already scares me to think how much I love this little person that I have never met before and one day he/she won't need me... That is true love!

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