Saturday night excitement

Is it just me online blogging (and working a little) on a Saturday night? Am I the only loser that does this on Saturday nights? Suddenly this realization just hit me. I am emailing people and returning emails and no one is replying. Oh, that's right, it's because they have lives! Meanwhile, my boys (baby and his papa, and our dog) are all sleeping already. What exciting lives we lead, eh? :)


Anonymous said...

I really love your blog!

I've bookmarked it and told my blogger freak friends about it. It's intelligent, funny and refreshingly honest. Keep Up The Good Work!

Bob - My Site

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Yaeli said...

I know that feeling well! :o)
I hope you are having a great weekend!!
Michele sent me!

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Kevin said...

I also have no life, so I spend my Saturday's trying to buy one off eBay.

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Beanhead said...

I am usually up studying on sat after everyone is in bed..:)

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Scott said...

You could have hung out with my parents.

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