Since I am all about dessert...

It's time for a new poll and this one is about my favorite topic: dessert.
If you had to choose one, which would you choose?
Tiramisu or cannoli, chocolate chip cookie or sugar cookie, apple pie, vanilla ice cream, fruit tart, all of the above, none - something else, or you don't eat dessert. Vote now on the poll down the right side of the blog!

The last poll drew mixed opinions. If you had to choose to trade lives with one of these celebrity moms, this is how the poll panned out:
31% - Reese Witherspoon
17% - Julia Roberts
14% - Courtney Cox Arquette
11% - Demi Moore
11% - Sarah Jessica Parker
9% - Madonna
6% - Angelina Jolie

Interesting results! Sorry it took so long to change polls...I almost forgot I had them! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


deputyswife said...

Cannoli and Chocolate Chip Cookie. Yum!

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Beanhead said...

Plain ol vanilla ice cream for me...:)

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Kirsten said...

Now I am even more starving than I was before! Where was the daily pan of brownies option.....?:)

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emaleejayne said...

I cannot not tell a lie: I dont eat dessert! But I hope you will still blog with me! ;)

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ivoryfrog said...

Hmm, I only know of apple pie, choc chip cookie and vanilla ice cream off your list and I do like them, but I would have to say my favourite dessert is either apple crumble, lemon cheesecake or mint choc chip ice cream.

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