Superman and his books

First, happy birthday to my mother-in-law, Rosemary, who is sadly a million miles and countries away, and to my pal Andrea, who is a new mom herself!

Boo thinks he is Superman, and sometimes Spiderman. He is all over the place. Climbing, jumping, dancing, running, climbing again, running again. Always running. He's getting really good at building himself a makeshift step stool in order to get to what he wants, whether it's to see out a window or to just, well, climb up on something. Right this moment, he is taking turns walking back and forth on our sectional and sneaking up on me and playing with my hair. This kid is non-stop GO. He actually tried to climb the walls yesterday, and to my dismay, was actually doing a pretty good job.

When he's not climbing the walls or creating his own step stools, he's engrossed in reading and trying to figure out how things work. Take his trucks, for instance. Not only does this kid LOVE his trucks, but in addition to rolling them about making engine noises (so damn cute), he's started rolling them slowly on the couch and bending down to check out underneath the truck. You can almost see the wheels turning in his head: "what makes the wheels turn like that?" "what happens if I do this?"

He has always loved his books, but yesterday after he changed out of his pjs, I left him in his room for a minute to go get something from his bathroom. When I returned, he was just sitting there, flipping slowly through his caterpillar book as if he were actually reading it. He sat there like that, uninterrupted, for several minutes (which, at his age, is more like about four minutes). I just watched him from outside his door (which is probably the longest I have been able to stand still since he has been born!). He's been doing that a lot more this week, and today I caught him "reading" one of his baby sign books, which is a black and white book with more words than pictures - there are no nice big illustrations in this book - and he just sat there and flipped page after page. Quietly, seriously, with a stillness seemingly miles away from his Superman/Spiderman hyperactive constant babbling self.

As always, I am amazed. What a trip it is to be a parent. We get to watch our kids do cool things every day. I wish somebody would pay me for this. As fun and incredible and rewarding as it is, it's hard work, damn it! Oh, but that's a topic for another day...


buffi said...

Oh I love that with my three. You know that means he sees that modeled for him. What a good mommy you are! He will grow up to be a reader. (Sorry child development secialist comin g out in me.)

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deputyswife said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. I remember when I would sit and watch my first child process everything. It was so amazing.

Now, that I have three it is still fun to watch my 21 month old have those light bulb moments. Though, it is hard to find a quiet moment around here.

Great blog!

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