Too tired to think straight & breaking the pacifier cycle

and too unimaginative to write a witty post. I am dead tired and I think I've hit that brick wall, the metaphoric one that smacks you in the face and makes you stop and, well, just stop. Today I think I need to stop. No work for at least the next two hours. My printer is driving me crazy. Why does it print perfectly on my test paper and then so horribly crappily and off on my expensive paper? Argh. So for the next two hours, until I have to go on a press check, I will forego work and try to relax. Before I hit another brick wall. Perhaps I should be wearing a helmet for all of these walls I am battling.

Boo is the shining light of all my days. Yes, he was driving me crazy just an hour ago because he decided to resist all attempts to nap (and is still awake, but I'm too tired to care anymore. Will try to get him to nap again in a bit). He is growing so damn fast! He's so heavy now and taller. Granted, he's still a little guy and probably in the 10th percentile or something, but he's changing every single day and it still shocks me.

The one thing we cannot break him from yet is his beloved pacifier. Everyone has The Thing that they have trouble with, right? Whether it's getting your child to stop nursing, getting your baby to stop depending on a lovey like a blanket or stuffed animal, getting your toddler to stop sucking his or her thumb, getting your baby to sleep without fussing at night, getting your toddler to use the potty. Well, ours is getting our son to stop using his pacifier.

We've been told that now is not the best time to try to take it away because he is teething, he finds comfort in it, and he's more apt to strong resistance right now. That we should wait a few months, and really, there's no harm in him using it until he's almost three. Well, we will definitely NOT be having this problem when he is three if I can help it, but I do wonder about how we'll wean him from it. Right now he mainly has it in his mouth to go to sleep for naps and bedtime. It doesn't stop him from developing his speech - he's got a nice vocabulary, and just takes it out of his mouth to talk when he wants to (which is all the time). I don't know how we'll do this though. It was easy to get him to do so many other things that could have been much harder, but this is the toughest battle I see coming so far. Right now it's just a social nuisance, but as long as he's not 3 or 4 running around with a paci I guess we're not in terrible shape.

Five minutes later: the Boo napeth at last. What a good baby :)


Beanhead said...

I only had one that used a paci and she gave it up no problems really early on. I did have one who sucked her finger and just gave that up this past summer and she is 9.

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