A cozy day inside

It's definitely autumn. The leaves are changing color, there's a chill in the air, and moisture wicks at my hair, causing the ends I work so hard to straighten in the morning curl and go every which way but straight. We're all in sweaters and the thick coats are out. I wore socks all weekend, covered by closed-toed shoes. Boo's collection of hats fill our hallway and our car. Today, instead of working like a maniac, I'm determined to just hang out and chill inside with my little Boo.

The family reunion was great fun. We ate way too much, all day long, every day...Including fried chicken at 9:30 am on the morning that we checked out. We caught up with each other, reminisced, and congratulated cousin T and his wife J as they announced that they are expecting child #2 at the end of next April. Boo wanted to spend every minute out on the deck or on the beach, and whined when we couldn't do that. He also slept in the latest he has EVER SLEPT IN, ever in his life: until 7:45 am yesterday! We ate and ate and ate. We played on the beach, almost got drenched by a fast moving wave, and then were surprised by sudden rain showers. I thought I lost my keys, including some very-expensive-to-replace VW car keys along with our house and business mailbox keys, but thankfully one of my cousins ended up having it. My father tried to get us to take a different route home, convinced it would be shorter, and then was surprised to find that we were just a few exits behind him when he called us from the road -- and we had stopped to get something to eat and take a potty break, so really, we would have been in front of them if we hadn't stopped. We talked about next year's reunion, where hopefully more relatives can go. Boo will have two new cousins by then.

My great-grandmother has been released from the hospital. Turns out that afer more research, the doctors discovered her condition wasn't as bad as they initially thought, and with a few no-surgical procedures, she was cleared up. She will live to see the birth of yet another great-great-grandson in November, and to dance on her 102nd birthday. This is what we hope.

Work is going well, and I am determined to finally set some sort of schedule that creates some division between work hours and non-work hours. I don't have any clue what that schedule will look like, but for now, it's no work Monday. I shall resume business tomorrow. Today I want to relax and enjoy the change in the weather with my son and my dog. Perhaps we'll light a fire and have some hot cocoa tonight after my husband gets home. Perhaps we'll discuss how ridiculous it is that, once again, the Bush administration is determined to back someone who is completely unqualified for a high level position. Perhaps we'll just sing songs and run around the house.


elbot said...

I think Bush is poopy!

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