and now for my useless celebrity post of the week: THIS is the new James Bond? No. I don't think so. Come on ladies, you must agree - this is no Bond worthy actor. What happened to Clive Owen?


Erin said...

Hello from Michele's! I agree, ugh!

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deputyswife said...

I am not a huge Bond fan. Though this new James Bond has left me thinking, yich.

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Beanhead said...

What are they thinking? I am not sure who made the decision but it was a bad one.

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margalit said...

I do agree. I think he's boring.

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Cityslicker Mom said...

oh, I know! we definitely need a dark haired fella for that role...what were they thinking???

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mom2ashley said...

is it fo real? he's the new james bond? such a far cry from pierce brosnan!!! ARGH (*CRINGE*)

stumbled across your blog on Link2Blogs ;)

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