Halloween madness, blogging baby and look who's my neighbor!

Thanks to Nicole for mentioning my post about the dreaded "when to have child #2" situation on the Blogging Baby website. Very cool! Thanks Nicole! Although, even though I am writing about it now, some people have been asking me about it from Boo's second day on earth!

So on to Halloween ramblings...Boo wore his Red Baron costume all day today. Well, except for the hat with aviator goggles - that only stayed on for a total of about 4 minutes throughout the day.
He enjoyed a playdate with his pals L, E, and C at Peanut Butter & Ellie's this morning. Love that place. Every town should have a kids cafe like this. Then he kindly took his nap while I met with a PR client of mine, who hooked me up with so many beautiful candles I could die. If you love candles and don't have a Bistro Candles candle in your home, you are missing the best candles in the world. (note:we're working on updating their website right now, so if you are interested in finding a retailer near you, feel free to email me: info@schotlandpr.com).

Anyway...then we played at home before picking hubby up from work and then switched on our porch lights and kaboom! Trick or treating fun ensued. (should mention that in the car ride on the way home Boo was cracking himself up by gagging himself...until he quietly threw up a little on his costume...what a BOY he is! God, I love him). We now live in a neighborhood with a TON of kids, of all ages. It is a magical, beautiful thing. In our old neighborhood I think our doorbell rang three times the whole night. Tonight, for about two hours, it didn't stop. Boo LOVED it!

One set of trick-or-treaters was a pair of 17 month old twin boys who lived two doors down and it was our first time to meet these neighbors. They leave after chatting a bit. The doorbell rings again. The mom is back and asks "Did you go to XYZ high school?" Why, as a matter of fact, I did. Holy crap. This woman was on my cheerleading team senior year! (shut up, I know, don't hate me for being one). She now lives two doors down! We also both lived in Boston. And now here we are, two houses apart, with 17 month old boys. Small, tiny, miniscule world. How random is that?

Boo conked out about 15 minutes before his normal bedtime. What a big day he's had. My husband and I used to really not give a dime about Halloween. Now we look forward to it. I love being a parent. You get to be a kid again.


deputyswife said...

I love all of these holidays! What I love most is celebrating them all with my children. They make it so much fun!

btw, I am a closet former cheerleader too. Don't tell anyone...

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~Cathy~ said...

Wishing you luck on baby #2!! My two are 2 years and 8 months apart. We tried for sooner but He had other plans! :) I love the age difference!

Cute Halloween pic!

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