Mr. Hilarious

Boo right now is Mr. Hilarious. Everything is funny to him, and he tries to play jokes, make funny faces and silly noises to make others laugh ALL THE TIME. He's always shown this side of him, but suddenly, it's all day, everyday - funny, funny, ha ha. He laughs in the car if we go up or down a hill or take a sharp curve. He laughed hysterically while watching the photo slideshow his aunt and uncle sent of his cousins latest photos. He laughs and makes faces while he is eating. He tries new funny noises while we're talking with friends and then doubles over while cracking up. He laughs as he tries to get onto the couch, and he laughs as he runs from the living room to the kitchen and back again. He wakes up doing funny things and cracking up at himself, and he goes to sleep doing funny things to make himself laugh.

Seriously - who needs to go out for fun? We have all the entertainment we need right here with our little Boo. His paternal grandparents are coming for a visit this week. We hope they're bringing a supply of endless energy with them because they're going to need it! They're in for a real treat!


Zara's Mama said...

Mr Boo Hilarious got infected by funny bones virus. :P

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