No witty title tonight

...just straight talk. All the things I keep meaning to write but forget.

About a month ago, Boo said his first phrase, which was "Go Go Car." Sometimes he just says "Go Car." So cute. He says it when he wants to, obviously, go to the car and drive somewhere. He also says it when we're in the car and stopped, and he wants to car to Go.

Boo now has a million teeth. I stopped counting at 12, but maybe he has 15 by now. Who knows. He seems to know when I am trying to count and doesn't keep his mouth open long enough for me to get an accurate number.

The in-laws are coming next week! We're all very excited here. I'm trying to get as much work done as possible so I will have to work as little as possible while they are here with us. I love my in-laws. They're the greatest.

Boo has also started following other commands like "Please get the guerilla book" or "please bring this to Daddy." It's great! Very useful for when I want to be a lazy ass.

He's starting to mimic more words, but not saying them quite yet. I don't think he's added a work in a couple of weeks. He has started signing even more though, which is nice.

OK. That's the most boring post EVER, but it's really for me and Boo. Perhaps interesting thoughts will flow in a post over the weekend.


Shaunta said...

Hi! Michele sent me :) Great blog. I have a baby girl, who coincidently we call Ru, who just got her first of I'm sure a million teeth.

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hubby said...

We should really stop reading guerilla books to him. Next thing we know, he'll become a mercenary and take off for some remote jungle conflict. I do like his gorilla book thought. Cute story. Good ending.

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