Our son the nonstop babbling speed train

Our little Boo has turned into the little dude from the Incredibles whose name I sadly cannot remember at this moment because all I remember is Jack Jack. He's zooming all over the place faster than we can get up, and we're getting old but we're not quite THAT old yet. For crap's sake this kid is everywhere, FAST! He's climbing, jumping, dancing, swinging, pounding, up up up on top of everything. So tonight, we disassembled the baker's rack in our kitchen that he was using for a climbing tree (leftover from the old house - we really weren't using it anyway in the new house) and said bye bye. Within a couple of minutes of sending out an email to pals that we're giving it away my mother promptly snatched it up. And our old futon. We're in our thirties - the futon has to go. It's been hiding in my office away from our real furniture and it just can't hide anymore.

Anyway, Boo is most hyper first thing in the morning and about an hour before bedtime. He's insane, and honestly we can't keep up. He's up and running, laughing hysterically and talking all along the way. Babble babble babble. He's stringing words together now and playing around with different sounds. Including screaming. Yeah, he likes to hear his vocal cords hit the ceiling from time to time. Usually in between running around the kitchen and the living room, during that two second pause. I think he came with neverending batteries in his feet and the doctors didn't want to scare me.

He's getting tall too. He's a kid. Oh my god, he's a kid. He even starts trying to squirm away now when I hug him for too long. He can't be kept down by mama's hugging - there's too much to do! Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Tomorrow is Halloween and he's going to be the Red Baron. I'm going to dress up as a tired but happy mama in need of new shoes. And maybe a massage. And a nice Oregon Pinot Noir. Tonight Boo kept trying to put the hat part of his costume on my head instead of his. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world. We'll see how long it stays on his head tomorrow.

Happy Halloween everyone!


margalit said...

You might want to rethink tossing the futon. They are great for sleepovers, much better than air mattresses, and kids can jump on them for hours and not destroy them.

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~Cathy~ said...

I've got an almost two year old.... so I can totally relate to your post! She is like the energizer bunny! But tons of fun too!

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Dak-Ind said...

he is a living little doll! gratz!

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