Stork Bombs Neighborhood with Baby #2, Mama M Ducks for Cover

It's that time. Now that Boo and many of his play friends, cousins, etc. are about a year and a half, the hot topic of the season: Child #2. If, when, how, why, what. All around me, the mamas are talking about it, thinking about it, agonizing over it, pondering how to plan.

When I started this post a few weeks back (forgot about it-oops!), two pals in my mama circle were already expecting child #2, and now there are THREE expecting again! And the rest of the mamas are all discussing. Including moi. That's right. I'm talking about having another, and believe it or not, so is my husband. We're leaning toward having a second child, we just don't know when. I hope to God my mother isn't reading this and any relatives that are will be severely punished for repeating even a peep of this to my mother!!! You know I am serious. As much as I love her, my mother's insane baby madness is the last thing I need right now.

This is where the delicate dance gets dizzy. You don't want the kids to be too close in age (or to have your body go through pregnancy too soon again), but how soon is too soon? You don't want to wait too long, and my pals and relatives in their late 30s are feeling this more than others, because you don't want to miss that mythical "window" and then end up not being able to have more. You worry about the specific age differences between #1 and #2, about birthdays being too close together or too close to holidays, about the time of year you will be pregnant again...all issues that in the end, we really have no control over. You could start trying now and get pregnant next month...or in ten months.

Let me take this opportunity to spout a little...what the hell kind of world do we live in where we can forecast storms, cure diseases, function with ultra modern technology backed by decades of research and billions of dollars, when we still cannot control when we get pregnant and when we don't (invitro aside), and more so, why can't doctors get better about predicting due dates?!! With everything we are able to do, THIS is still a mystery. Science, you suck.

Ok, back to non-ranting. Boo has recently become fascinated by babies. He loves them all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

Baby #2. I am happy for my friends who are expecting again, and for those that are TTC. My husband and I are excited and nervous and anxious about the thought of the stork paying our house another visit, perhaps in another year or two, or so... Sssshhh! Don't tell anyone, esp. my mom. :)


Sapphyre said...

Well,...At least you're somewhat ready if you DO have another, that's a good thing! This new one was a surprise for us but a good one,.my youngest is almost 10 now so no chasing after two sets of diapers & sippy cups! (^_^) Thank you for dropping by too!

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Blythe said...

Good luck in your quest for baby number2. I am the mom of 6, in 10 years. I am a columnist and I think you would understand the craziness that goes with motherhood. You can read it at www.storkbite.blogspot.com.

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Beanhead said...

Good luck with #2 I have 4 in 6 years.

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MML said...

Yes, yes....join the fun of ttc baby #2! Sure, two will be wild and crazy, but also double the fun! Just imagine that.

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Mama M said...

Thanks everyone! Wow - Blythe with 6 in 10 years and Beanhead with 4 in 6 years...that's impressive! Hats off to you! Have you gotten any sleep yet? :)

MML - I can see you jumping up and down as you write :) we're not there quite yet, but soon enough we shall join the fun... :)

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deputyswife said...

I was 30 when I had my first one. 31 with the second and 33 with my third. With the first two, I felt the clock ticking. We tried for so long with the first one, I didn't want to go through all the waiting again for another. My first two are 18 months apart. Now the third was a complete SUR-PRISE! But a wonderful surprise. Right now they are 5, almost 4, and almost 2. Yes, it is crazy and hectic here. Yes, sometimes I wonder why I had them so close. Though I would not trade a single screaming crazy moment for the world.

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Nicole said...

Hi Mama,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the blog...and I profiled this entry in particular on Blogging Baby:

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