True/False answers

So I was on the local morning show AM Northwest this morning ever so briefly talking about my blog. It was fun, and Boo actually sat on my lap like a seasoned tv kid. He even laughed at the right moments. That's my boy!

Here are the answers to the true/false meme. Some of you did very well!

1. I am a mere 4'11" short. FALSE - I shrank an inch after giving birth, so I am now 4'10" - Mother Nature is cruel to moms!

2. I was politely kicked out of Sunday school in the second grade. TRUE - Sort of. I was not very well-behaved, asked way too many questions, and tried to get all of the other kids to convince the teacher we should have class outside all the time since the weather was so nice (I just wanted to play on the merry-go-round). It was suggested that perhaps I would be happier elsewhere. They were right.

3. I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. TRUE - yes, it's true. I will pause as you take a moment to gasp in horror. (pause). OK, my mom always made me turkey and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and now I refuse to eat a PB & J just for the principle of it all. My son, however, loves them.

4. My husband is two years older than me. FALSE - he is one year older.

5. I had my first child when I was 29 years old. FALSE- Boo was born when I was 30 years old.

6. When I was a little girl I knew every word to every song in "Annie," as well as all of the play's lines, and I would act out the entire play in my living room every day during summer breaks. TRUE - I wanted to be the first Asian Annie on Broadway. Couldn't understand why the producers never came calling...

7. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip from Baskin Robbins. TRUE - oh yeah, this is the best.

8. My first Hollywood crush was Mackenzie Astin from Facts of Life (Sean Astin's brother). TRUE - oh, those sweet blue eyes of his... I once wrote him a letter...where is he now?

9. I am not a shy person. SOMETIMES TRUE/SOMETIMES FALSE - depends. In some social situations I am a total wallflower, but in others I am not shy at all. Honestly. Sometimes I AM shy.

10. My favorite colors are pink and red. FALSE, although I do like these colors, they are not my favorites.

11. My first car was a Toyota Tercel hatchback/wagon named Chewy. TRUE - Chewy was the greatest. Chewy also hated living in Los Angeles and died at least once a day on a freeway there (oh so fun), but then was revived when we moved back to Portland. The air IS cleaner here! I hope you are continuing to putt putt along, Chewy, wherever you are.

12. I have a lot of houseplants because they help keep the air clean and, living in Portland, I need to bring a little of the outdoors in with our grey weather. FALSE - I have five houseplants. I (and my mother) am amazed they are still alive.

13. I've been stuck in elevators twice, each for at least half an hour long: once with sorority sisters, so we held our meeting in the elevator; the second time with a co-worker who really had to pee. TRUE

14. I participated in two big anti-war, No Blood for Oil-type rallies while I was in high school... TRUE - don't tell my mom. She would have been downtown in a flash screaming, "where's my daughter, you crazy people?!"

15....although I was a Republican up until the last two years of high school. TRUE - I grew up in a family of Republicans. Then I started reading about the issues for myself and learned more about how government really worked, and I saw the light.

16. I once had a pet frog. TRUE - I forgot his name, but one weekend we returned from a trip to see family in WA and Mr. Frog was not in his home. We searched everywhere to no avail. A funny smell took over my room for a while. I knew it was Mr. Frog. Even when we moved, I found no trace of him... :(

17. I used to trade racer snakes with the neighborhood boys in the 5th grade. TRUE - only one summer. I had friends keep them at their houses and then I'd trade them with different people for different snakes. Racer snakes were cool.

18. In the first grade, I won second place in a contest to have my book published. TRUE - damn you, Brandon Martine for taking first place. I was convinced he won because he was a boy, but really, his illustration skills were much more advanced than my stick figure drawings on swings back then.

19. I love the show Desperate Housewives. FALSE - OK, I like the show, but don't love it. I can live without it. Now LOST - there's a show I have to watch!

20. In college my friends and I would always go to M.I.T. and Harvard frat parties. TRUE - thank you Jules for giving the answer away so quickly :) We met many interesting people at those parties. I shudder to think of the powerful positions those smart drunkards are in today.

So there you go. Now that you know more about me do you still love me? How did you do?


lanelane said...

Thanks for sharing some little known facts about yourself. Fun to get to know more about MamaM...I was sure your fav ice cream flavor had something to do with chocolate though

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