Nephew on his way!

My little brother and his girlfriend are going to have their baby tomorrow! Yippee!!! They're going in at midnight so she can be induced. She was due on the 21st and is definitely ready, poor thing. My nephew is on his way! I'm so excited! I'm so excited!!!!! Please send good, healthy, happy birthing vibes their way.

Oh, and I'M SO EXCITED!!! Doin' the happy new baby dance now.


The Too Much Girl

I've always tried to do too much all at the same time, and I think my mommy hormones and instinct have kicked into super crazy gear this year because all of a sudden I feel like Supergirl and have this random sense of "Hell yeah, I CAN do anything!" even though in reality, I can do MOST of what I think I can do is more like it. The holiday season, I think, shifts me into the highest crazy let's-overdo-it gear possible. Lately, I've been trying to figure out why I want to do so much. I can't just sit. I can't just chill out. I always want to be doing more and my mind won't stop thinking of new and exciting things to do. The worst part is, once I get it in my head that I really want to do something, I will go after it like mad and won't rest until it's done.

The fact that I need to slow down really dawned on me this weekend. I was going to host a DeMarle party (the makers of Silpat, that amazing chef's invention that I cannot live without). Now that I live in the burbs I feel like it's my duty to host one of these damn silly old-lady parties, plus, I really love their products and a brunch party with mimosas always sounds good to me. I was mentioning it in the car when suddenly my normally mild-mannered, supportive husband interrupts me and says "Why are you doing this? Why do you have to take on so many projects all the time? You already have too much going on." I mumbled something about how it was really something I wanted to do... but was it? Do I NEED to do it? More importantly, I'm starting to wonder WHY I have this overwhelming urge to WANT to do everything, and to do everything a million and ten percent.

I blame my parents partly for hardwiring this inane personality flaw. When I was sent to Hawaii for work a few years ago, my coworkers just laughed at me because I got bored within five minutes of laying on the beach and had to DO something. I can't just sit back and allow what I have created with my businesses to grow, I decide out of the blue that oh hey, wouldn't it be fun to create a whole new line of stationery to market to retailers? How cool would that be? So that thought happened about a week ago, and here I sit, staring at a whole new line of stationery that I created over the week. I'm actually pretty psyched about it. But that defeats the point of this very long rambling post, in which I am trying to decipher the code to the manic inner workings of my brain.

Maybe it's because when I am with Boo, I do slow down. He makes me stop and listen and pause. And enjoy. My son has taught me to enjoy the moment, which I don't think I was ever really able to do before he was born, in all honesty. When he is nearby and not napping or having some quiet solo playtime, he is my world and all else slows down just for him. How does he do that? Even as I write this, I find my fingers slowing to type at a less-manic pace.

Maybe I'm not Supergirl; maybe my son is the real superhero. Having a child really does force you to be outside of yourself and exist for someone else. Yes, I focus on my husband too, but you moms understand the difference, right? Kids have this weird power, and I, for one, am thankful for it. Maybe it's the time I spend with Boo that energizes me and fuels me up for another round of crazy, excited, Gotta Do ideas. At least maybe now there's some balance. I CAN and I CAN'T do everything, all at the same time. Weird.

Sorry about the long rambling freeform thinking post. But I, for one, feel much calmer now than I did at the beginning of this post :)


Giving Thanks

Dear Boo,

Tis the eve of Thanksgiving, and I wanted to give you a special thanks for the magic you have brought to my life and your papa's life these past 18 months. I cannot begin to give you enough thanks, or to even write down half of what we should thank you for, but here is a short list of ways you have enriched our lives since you were conceived. Thank you for...
-your silly smile, with your eyes closed, mouth wide open exposing your nearly full set of teeth, and your nose all crinkled up
-your full belly laugh when we tickle you
-the way you pat our shoulders when you hug us
-the way you will randomly grab our faces with both hands and give us big kisses
-the way your eyes light up when you say a new word
-being so adorable every minute of every day, even when you're crying
-being our dog Thor's best pal, petting him so gently and giving him random hugs throughout the day
-all of the silly, funny faces you love to make
-making us laugh more and harder than we have ever laughed in our entire lives, like when you decided it would be fun to sit in this 6-pack cooler:

-making vroom vroom sounds when you play with all of your trucks and trains
-teaching us patience
-reminding us about the important things in life
-being such a good kid in restaurants
-the way you pretend to go up the stairs and down the stairs when you're walking and feeling silly (next we'll teach you the elevator and the canoe!)
-saying "thank you" when we give you something or someone does something for you
-playing along with our silly games
-dancing and singing with us in the living room
-the way you love to snuggle us when we need it the most
-being so curious about how things work
-loving us even though we may make many mistakes
-making every moment better and brighter
-being you -- our perfect, sweet, silly, smart, clever, shy, hyper little comedian son. Thank you, Boo.

Happy Thanksgiving, best kid in the world!


Toys and Tots

Today I bought Boo a little table and chair set at Toys R Us, but I really had to stop myself from loading up a couple of carts with Christmas presents for him before I left the store. Man, that store is pure evil! There were so many cool things I wanted to get him, because in my mind I could see his face light up as he played with all the cool stuff. But I stopped myself, and I'm glad. It's that time of year, and I'm just not buying into it this year. Sure, Boo loves playing with new shiny toys whenever we go somewhere with toys he's never played with before, but as soon as we get into the car he forgets about them and is just happy with whatever we have, wherever we go next. It's not like we leave someplace and he thinks two days later, "Geez, I really wish my parents would buy me that ride-on tractor I played with two days ago." Maybe in a couple of years we'll get to that point, but right now, he's so happy with whatever we have. I figure we should take advantage of that now, right?

We set up a college fund and we're just asking people to contribute to that for Christmas this year. Really, Boo has all of the books and toys and clothes he needs for the season. He already has a couple of presents waiting for him, and we're sure he'll have fun opening those and playing with them all day long on Christmas. We're trying hard to instill the values of family and friends and giving during the holidays. We want his memories to be of warm gatherings full of laughter and songs and cooking for others more than they are of opening presents. Maybe that's a lot to ask in this day and age, but we're going to try.

How do parents with older kids handle the "I want it!!!" tantrums during the holidays? I know I gave my own parents some good ones when I was young, especially with Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake. My poor parents. Soon I've got to figure out how to deal with it from Boo. Thanks a lot, karma!


Condoms for Christmas

That's it! I'm officially handing out condoms and birth control pills for Christmas this year to all of my pals who have one child. The stork continues to bomb my mama pal world with the dreaded Child #2! Please people - don't you know that I am asked that annoying "when are you having another?" question at least once a day these days? I'm not kidding! You obviously have not factored my feelings into this decision - how could you not? I'm truly offended.

No, in all honesty, I am very happy for all of my mama friends that are expecting kid #2! Let's see, that now makes...FIVE friends in my little world all preggo the second time around at the same time. Some of you had better wait so that your #2s are the same age as our (possible) #2 kid so they can be playfriends.

Man, what is it about the fall pregnancies? It must be really cold out, you're going stir crazy in the house, nothing else to do... :) Congrats to the two newest mamas to join the #2 bandwagon!!! You know who you are. And no, thank you for the invite, but I will not be joining you mamas on this ride. Not right now.


Sickies in da house

Well now I have two sickies in the house. Boo had been sick but then got better and then got sick again. We went to the doctor today. Now my husband is totally run down with the flu. And of course nobody is giving out flu vaccines because of stupid Bush. Three years in a row - do you think this could have been forecasted and taken care of by now? So I am trying to hold on to my health while the boys are down and out. Boo not so much anymore as my husband.

Tonight I also uttered words I never thought I would hear myself say: "No swinging from the curtains!" And yes, that was to my son, not to my husband.


Mama Calling Cards

Out of my own frustration with fumbling for pen and paper everytime I meet a cool new mom and losing contact info (and possible great new friendships and playdates), I created Mama Calling Cards through my Event Bliss business.

The first review of my Mama Calling Cards is on Mommies with Style at this link. Check it out! I'm pretty psyched. Let me know what you think!


Back on the run

Sort of. Thanks to fellow blogging mamas who have blogged about their forays back into the gym, like Cathy and Kirsten, plus my own motivation to wear pants that don't rub my thighs (damn the dryer for shrinking my jeans!), I have started to work out again. Sort of. Ok, I only hit the treadmill once so far this week, BUT it was an awesome workout and I felt so alive afterward. I don't really enjoy working out on any type of schedule, so I hope that I can just fit in little bouts of workouts here and there. I don't like workout videos, going to gyms, working out with workout buddies (except going running with my husband), playing team sports like indoor soccer or joining the local kickball teams - basically, anything with structure I run away from. Which makes working out difficult. Those of you with regular workout schedules, I applaud you. I don't know how you do it!

Boo didn't sleep well at all last night. Which means we didn't sleep well at all either. Is it just me, or do all mommies feel perpetually tired? Like, ALL... THE... TIME...? I am hoping working out more will help give me more energy. I need it right now.


Update on Boo's first day at "school"

So now we're home and Boo has been talkative ever since we left daycare, or "school" as so many of us like to call it :). He was outside playing when I came to get him. He cried a little but not too much, refused to eat his lunch (is this MY child, refusing food?) but napped well and played a bit. He really likes the teachers, I think he just needs to get used to the other kids. Like Look at Me girl, who is about to move to the bigger kids room since she just turned two. She's a little princess brat, biting another kid, demanding attention nonstop and pushing kids...and I only got to witness behavior for about 40 minutes. Aren't I terrible, already being annoyed by the other kids? But he has other friends his age who are perfectly wonderful kids and none as annoying as Look at Me girl. Oy. And, I am pretty sure he's going to get sick within the next month. There were some snot-nosed kids there, literally. Builds immunity, right?

So we have survived Day One of daycare, and I am pretty sure that this will be great for both of us. He seems like a pretty happy camper. Whew!

Daycare, Day One and Ann Curry sighting

OK mamas and papas, here is my first day of daycare saga. I went to daycare with Boo this morning for a trial day, and stayed with him for the first 40 minutes. For the first 20 minutes he just stayed next to me while watching the other kids intently. Then he started to play with the toys, smiling a little, dancing to the music. So as I saw he was growing more comfortable, I got up to leave. Then the waterworks started. He bawled like mad and looked so pissed off as I walked out the door. He hates me, I know it, and felt it as I heard him cry through the door for the next few minutes. But as I sat with the director and went over paperwork I didn't hear him crying anymore. I really hope he has a good day. He seemed quietly excited to be there when I was there. They keep them busy there, with the constant reading and painting and singing and dancing and learning their colors, their ABCs, counting. I know they will take good care of my son. That didn't stop me from almost bawling myself as soon as I got into the car.

But I didn't cry. And here I am, two hours later, desperately trying to work in an empty, quiet house. Even our dog is eerily quiet. I'm sure he's wondering where his miniature hyper little boss man is.

So since this working-in-quiet is still unnerving to me, I'm taking a break to blog. Saturday we had a fabulous girly girl brunch, save the hostess fiasco at the restaurant. I don't even want to talk about how ridiculous the initial service was. We did have a celebrity sighting at brunch though. Ann Curry, of the Today Show, was there at the restaurant! She looks amazing in person! I love her. She started out in broadcasting in the same market that I did, and she's from Oregon. I think she was having brunch with her parents. I normally could care less about celebrities, but I'm an idiot when I meet newscasters in person.

Anyway, the girls and I had a fun chat over truly yummy eats that morning, and afterward, like true girly girls, we went shopping. I was so good and didn't buy a thing.

Ugh, and we visited my great grandmother yesterday, who is slowly slipping away from us. It is hard to see her like that, but it's even harder to think about her unable to be herself because her body won't keep up with her mind. I honestly don't know if I would want to live to 101 as she has...is that a life anymore? I don't know. She now seems resigned to slip away...

Now I have to get back to work. Right after I call the daycare to see how Boo's doing...


Girly girl time and Boo goes to daycare

Tis Friday evening and I am eagerly awaiting hubby's arrival with our take out dinner so I have a few minutes to blog. Tomorrow I'm meeting the girls for a much needed girly girl brunch which will promptly begin with a round of mimosas and hopefully some good girly girl bitching and also some you-go-girl talk. I may even...(wait for it)...wear a skirt. I wore one on Tuesday to my meetings and remembered that I really do like wearing them with my tall black boots. I love fall clothes.

Boo has had a fantastic week. He's really been extra super sweet and loving, as well as perfecting the art of funny-face-making and silly-sound making. Perhaps he has blessed me with this heavenly week because he knows next week will be a bitch. Next week will be his first week of part-time daycare. That's right. I finally made a decision on this matter and we found a center that is great, comes with high accolades, and teachers who have been there for several years. He also took to his teacher right away so hopefully that will only mean a few days of crying. I am prepared for weeks of it, just in case - both him and me crying. I'm also prepared for him to get sick more and to learn all sorts of wonderful habits from other kids like biting and hitting. It will only be for a total of 12 hours each week which I think will give me enough time to work like a maniac and get a million things done, and give him time to socialize with other kida, learn new songs and dances, do fun art projects, and maybe learn how to use a spoon like his pal Miss E did from daycare. Will I be a mess next week? I predict a resounding Yes, but we shall see. It's only temporary...I just keep telling myself that.