Back on the run

Sort of. Thanks to fellow blogging mamas who have blogged about their forays back into the gym, like Cathy and Kirsten, plus my own motivation to wear pants that don't rub my thighs (damn the dryer for shrinking my jeans!), I have started to work out again. Sort of. Ok, I only hit the treadmill once so far this week, BUT it was an awesome workout and I felt so alive afterward. I don't really enjoy working out on any type of schedule, so I hope that I can just fit in little bouts of workouts here and there. I don't like workout videos, going to gyms, working out with workout buddies (except going running with my husband), playing team sports like indoor soccer or joining the local kickball teams - basically, anything with structure I run away from. Which makes working out difficult. Those of you with regular workout schedules, I applaud you. I don't know how you do it!

Boo didn't sleep well at all last night. Which means we didn't sleep well at all either. Is it just me, or do all mommies feel perpetually tired? Like, ALL... THE... TIME...? I am hoping working out more will help give me more energy. I need it right now.