Condoms for Christmas

That's it! I'm officially handing out condoms and birth control pills for Christmas this year to all of my pals who have one child. The stork continues to bomb my mama pal world with the dreaded Child #2! Please people - don't you know that I am asked that annoying "when are you having another?" question at least once a day these days? I'm not kidding! You obviously have not factored my feelings into this decision - how could you not? I'm truly offended.

No, in all honesty, I am very happy for all of my mama friends that are expecting kid #2! Let's see, that now makes...FIVE friends in my little world all preggo the second time around at the same time. Some of you had better wait so that your #2s are the same age as our (possible) #2 kid so they can be playfriends.

Man, what is it about the fall pregnancies? It must be really cold out, you're going stir crazy in the house, nothing else to do... :) Congrats to the two newest mamas to join the #2 bandwagon!!! You know who you are. And no, thank you for the invite, but I will not be joining you mamas on this ride. Not right now.


Zephra said...

I have 4 and people still ask me when I am having another one. ARE THEY NUTS!!!!

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Valerie said...

See I am happy with my one and it kills people when I tell them we are not having anymore. They always want to know why. Umm if it is your bussiness we will let you know?!! Anyway condoms are a good idea.

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WendyWings said...

My first two were only 19 months apart but that was not on purpose LOL
Michele sent me.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi There..
Michele sent me today and I can certainly understand what you are talking about here..
What is it with people and THEIR need for you to have another baby, NOW!!! (lol) So glad I stopped by, thanks to the wonderful Michele...

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deputyswife said...

I remember those days when I had only one child. The questions started for us the day we took our first son home from the hospital.

Then, the questions took a distinct turn after my second son was born. I got quite a bit of people commenting about how our family was complete with his birth.

With my third son I just got "Good Grief! She's pregnant AGAIN?!?"

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