Daycare, Day One and Ann Curry sighting

OK mamas and papas, here is my first day of daycare saga. I went to daycare with Boo this morning for a trial day, and stayed with him for the first 40 minutes. For the first 20 minutes he just stayed next to me while watching the other kids intently. Then he started to play with the toys, smiling a little, dancing to the music. So as I saw he was growing more comfortable, I got up to leave. Then the waterworks started. He bawled like mad and looked so pissed off as I walked out the door. He hates me, I know it, and felt it as I heard him cry through the door for the next few minutes. But as I sat with the director and went over paperwork I didn't hear him crying anymore. I really hope he has a good day. He seemed quietly excited to be there when I was there. They keep them busy there, with the constant reading and painting and singing and dancing and learning their colors, their ABCs, counting. I know they will take good care of my son. That didn't stop me from almost bawling myself as soon as I got into the car.

But I didn't cry. And here I am, two hours later, desperately trying to work in an empty, quiet house. Even our dog is eerily quiet. I'm sure he's wondering where his miniature hyper little boss man is.

So since this working-in-quiet is still unnerving to me, I'm taking a break to blog. Saturday we had a fabulous girly girl brunch, save the hostess fiasco at the restaurant. I don't even want to talk about how ridiculous the initial service was. We did have a celebrity sighting at brunch though. Ann Curry, of the Today Show, was there at the restaurant! She looks amazing in person! I love her. She started out in broadcasting in the same market that I did, and she's from Oregon. I think she was having brunch with her parents. I normally could care less about celebrities, but I'm an idiot when I meet newscasters in person.

Anyway, the girls and I had a fun chat over truly yummy eats that morning, and afterward, like true girly girls, we went shopping. I was so good and didn't buy a thing.

Ugh, and we visited my great grandmother yesterday, who is slowly slipping away from us. It is hard to see her like that, but it's even harder to think about her unable to be herself because her body won't keep up with her mind. I honestly don't know if I would want to live to 101 as she has...is that a life anymore? I don't know. She now seems resigned to slip away...

Now I have to get back to work. Right after I call the daycare to see how Boo's doing...