Girly girl time and Boo goes to daycare

Tis Friday evening and I am eagerly awaiting hubby's arrival with our take out dinner so I have a few minutes to blog. Tomorrow I'm meeting the girls for a much needed girly girl brunch which will promptly begin with a round of mimosas and hopefully some good girly girl bitching and also some you-go-girl talk. I may even...(wait for it)...wear a skirt. I wore one on Tuesday to my meetings and remembered that I really do like wearing them with my tall black boots. I love fall clothes.

Boo has had a fantastic week. He's really been extra super sweet and loving, as well as perfecting the art of funny-face-making and silly-sound making. Perhaps he has blessed me with this heavenly week because he knows next week will be a bitch. Next week will be his first week of part-time daycare. That's right. I finally made a decision on this matter and we found a center that is great, comes with high accolades, and teachers who have been there for several years. He also took to his teacher right away so hopefully that will only mean a few days of crying. I am prepared for weeks of it, just in case - both him and me crying. I'm also prepared for him to get sick more and to learn all sorts of wonderful habits from other kids like biting and hitting. It will only be for a total of 12 hours each week which I think will give me enough time to work like a maniac and get a million things done, and give him time to socialize with other kida, learn new songs and dances, do fun art projects, and maybe learn how to use a spoon like his pal Miss E did from daycare. Will I be a mess next week? I predict a resounding Yes, but we shall see. It's only temporary...I just keep telling myself that.


deputyswife said...

Keep your chin up mommy! Those first days of daycare are hard. But once you see that he is okay, and that you are okay, all will be good.

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Mama Muse said...

The first days of daycare are definatly a transition but you will both be fine! Once you get into a routine you'll LOVE it.

Have fun with the girls!

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kenju said...

As a mom of three (who are long grown) he will fare better than you do. Don't let him see you cry. He will probably shut up as soon as you fade from view. They usually do.

Michele sent me.

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Dak-Ind said...

i saw Oregon Pinot, and i saw pacific northwest, and i thought: Neighbor!! I am a big fan of the willamette valley vineyards Reisling! and columbia has a nice gerwisteminer (yeah i spelled that wrong) i live in the willamette valley in oregon myself. Michelle sent me.

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