Giving Thanks

Dear Boo,

Tis the eve of Thanksgiving, and I wanted to give you a special thanks for the magic you have brought to my life and your papa's life these past 18 months. I cannot begin to give you enough thanks, or to even write down half of what we should thank you for, but here is a short list of ways you have enriched our lives since you were conceived. Thank you for...
-your silly smile, with your eyes closed, mouth wide open exposing your nearly full set of teeth, and your nose all crinkled up
-your full belly laugh when we tickle you
-the way you pat our shoulders when you hug us
-the way you will randomly grab our faces with both hands and give us big kisses
-the way your eyes light up when you say a new word
-being so adorable every minute of every day, even when you're crying
-being our dog Thor's best pal, petting him so gently and giving him random hugs throughout the day
-all of the silly, funny faces you love to make
-making us laugh more and harder than we have ever laughed in our entire lives, like when you decided it would be fun to sit in this 6-pack cooler:

-making vroom vroom sounds when you play with all of your trucks and trains
-teaching us patience
-reminding us about the important things in life
-being such a good kid in restaurants
-the way you pretend to go up the stairs and down the stairs when you're walking and feeling silly (next we'll teach you the elevator and the canoe!)
-saying "thank you" when we give you something or someone does something for you
-playing along with our silly games
-dancing and singing with us in the living room
-the way you love to snuggle us when we need it the most
-being so curious about how things work
-loving us even though we may make many mistakes
-making every moment better and brighter
-being you -- our perfect, sweet, silly, smart, clever, shy, hyper little comedian son. Thank you, Boo.

Happy Thanksgiving, best kid in the world!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Very dear and sweet post to your adorable sounding son. And a very very Happy Thanksgiving To You and Yours!!! Enjoy the Holiday Weekend!

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YellowRose said...

What a handsome boy! A wonderful post, I hope you print it and stick it in a scrapbook for him. It would be nice for him to have when he gets older.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Here via Michele's!

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craziequeen said...

And he will add to that list as he grows older - some good, some not so good :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Mama M

Michele sent me :-)


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Michele said...

Stopping by to say hello....

What a great post and yur son is indeed adorable.

I hope you are having a glorious Thanksgiving.

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Beanhead said...

Sweet post!

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Mama Muse said...

What a sweet post and an adorable little guy!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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Zephra said...


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Scott said...

Don't forget the way he drives a mean laundry basket around the living room. He does all the steering I swear. uh-oh.

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