Mama Calling Cards

Out of my own frustration with fumbling for pen and paper everytime I meet a cool new mom and losing contact info (and possible great new friendships and playdates), I created Mama Calling Cards through my Event Bliss business.

The first review of my Mama Calling Cards is on Mommies with Style at this link. Check it out! I'm pretty psyched. Let me know what you think!


Mama Muse said...

Very Cute! What a great idea.

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Zephra said...

What a fantastic idea. As I am a SAHM I could use it like my business card. After all My kids are my business.

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Mama M said...

Thanks you two! I'm having fun with the cards. And you are right, Zephra, kids really ARE our business!

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Beanhead said...

okay that is the best idea! Wish I would have thought of it..;)

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jj said...

ooh those are yours?! i saw them mentioned on portlandpicks the other day, and i totally want some. i'm going to wait until spring when bean #2 arrives. i love your designs!

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betty said...

They are fantastic!

For the last couple of months, I've actually had mommy calling cards on my mind, but I was going to handmake them. My plan was to "design" some using my large collection of rubberstamps to come up with a fun and creative design, but I never made the time for it.

What I'm using now is my old business cards from my last job. I've been writing my contact info on the back to hand out to moms that I meet along the way who I would like to get together with.

The cards are the right weight and size, and they are not as easy to lose as a flimsy piece of paper.

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