Sickies in da house

Well now I have two sickies in the house. Boo had been sick but then got better and then got sick again. We went to the doctor today. Now my husband is totally run down with the flu. And of course nobody is giving out flu vaccines because of stupid Bush. Three years in a row - do you think this could have been forecasted and taken care of by now? So I am trying to hold on to my health while the boys are down and out. Boo not so much anymore as my husband.

Tonight I also uttered words I never thought I would hear myself say: "No swinging from the curtains!" And yes, that was to my son, not to my husband.


Zephra said...

I too have uttered those words.

Hope you don't end up sick too.

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Valerie said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I also hope you don't get sick too. As for the no swinging from the curtains comment I have said it too many times. Scary ain't it?

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Kirsten said...

Not good!! poor things :( shall we try again next week or try for tommorow?

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