Toys and Tots

Today I bought Boo a little table and chair set at Toys R Us, but I really had to stop myself from loading up a couple of carts with Christmas presents for him before I left the store. Man, that store is pure evil! There were so many cool things I wanted to get him, because in my mind I could see his face light up as he played with all the cool stuff. But I stopped myself, and I'm glad. It's that time of year, and I'm just not buying into it this year. Sure, Boo loves playing with new shiny toys whenever we go somewhere with toys he's never played with before, but as soon as we get into the car he forgets about them and is just happy with whatever we have, wherever we go next. It's not like we leave someplace and he thinks two days later, "Geez, I really wish my parents would buy me that ride-on tractor I played with two days ago." Maybe in a couple of years we'll get to that point, but right now, he's so happy with whatever we have. I figure we should take advantage of that now, right?

We set up a college fund and we're just asking people to contribute to that for Christmas this year. Really, Boo has all of the books and toys and clothes he needs for the season. He already has a couple of presents waiting for him, and we're sure he'll have fun opening those and playing with them all day long on Christmas. We're trying hard to instill the values of family and friends and giving during the holidays. We want his memories to be of warm gatherings full of laughter and songs and cooking for others more than they are of opening presents. Maybe that's a lot to ask in this day and age, but we're going to try.

How do parents with older kids handle the "I want it!!!" tantrums during the holidays? I know I gave my own parents some good ones when I was young, especially with Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake. My poor parents. Soon I've got to figure out how to deal with it from Boo. Thanks a lot, karma!


Cityslicker Mom said...

Yes, you are totally right about the little ones not really caring about the toys at the store ten minutes later. Stores around the holidays totally play on emotions, anyway.

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