Update on Boo's first day at "school"

So now we're home and Boo has been talkative ever since we left daycare, or "school" as so many of us like to call it :). He was outside playing when I came to get him. He cried a little but not too much, refused to eat his lunch (is this MY child, refusing food?) but napped well and played a bit. He really likes the teachers, I think he just needs to get used to the other kids. Like Look at Me girl, who is about to move to the bigger kids room since she just turned two. She's a little princess brat, biting another kid, demanding attention nonstop and pushing kids...and I only got to witness behavior for about 40 minutes. Aren't I terrible, already being annoyed by the other kids? But he has other friends his age who are perfectly wonderful kids and none as annoying as Look at Me girl. Oy. And, I am pretty sure he's going to get sick within the next month. There were some snot-nosed kids there, literally. Builds immunity, right?

So we have survived Day One of daycare, and I am pretty sure that this will be great for both of us. He seems like a pretty happy camper. Whew!


Mama Muse said...

The most important thing, in my experience, is that he likes the teachers. If he gets along with them in a positive way, then all else will fall into place, including the Look at Me girl. It sounds great. I hope you didn't miss your Boo too much.

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Beanhead said...

Day 1 is always the hardest.

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deputyswife said...

beanhead is right. First days are the hardest.

I think every daycare has a Look at Me Girl. We have one at ours and she comes complete with biting too. Ugh.

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Mama M said...

Did I fail to mention that Look at Me Girl DOES come complete with biting? Oh, and pushing and taking other kids' toys and coats.

Thanks for your kind words everyone. :)

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