Busy McBusy Boo

I realize today that in the past week, Boo and I have been to four playdates. That's a lot for us in one week, during a very busy work/holiday-crazy week at that! In a way, it's like I've traded in holiday office parties this year for playdates.

Today was a productive day. Drove hubby to work; went grocery shopping where Boo excitedly attempted to eat a mango, skin and all; went to a fun playgroup where Boo just happily played and played to his heart's content and then napped faithfully for just over two hours afterward, allowing me to take care of new orders, today's shipments, some boring but much-needed accounting matters, get some comps done for a Monday night meeting, and somehow miraculously make six more logs o' cookie dough to stash in my freezer for the holiday baking goodness that is to occur next week. I got all cocky thinking that I could squeeze in a few batches of truffles this afternoon too but that didn't happen. I think that will happen after Boo goes to bed tonight. Or maybe not until tomorrow... (Side note: does anyone have a good substitution for molasses? I can't believe we ran out, so I tried to do the substitution of sugar/water combo with more added ginger and cinnamon to the mix, but I don't know how those cookies are going to turn out...guess we'll find out!).

Boo update...amazing little Boo. He is speaking in sentences and having real conversations with us now, even though half the time we have no idea what he is saying or we only understand every other word. Today's phrase was "look mama I did it!" I had to shake my head and wanted to slap myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming that I heard those words come from my 18 month old son's mouth, but he said it again a little later. Unless I hallucinated twice, which is highly possible these days. His favorite phrases so far include "gotta go!" which he uses all the time now, sometimes to our embarassment if we're with friends and he decides that it's time for us to go. He also loves to say "I did it!" which is often followed by hand clapping. Sometimes he says "good job" but usually just when he's repeating us. Overall, he knows about 30+ words, although half of them he says backwards ("hat" is "tah," "up" is "puh," and "grapes" is "pags!").

He's a great little helper these days. He'll help us close doors, put his books or toys away, go get his shoes or his coat, etc. He's learning how to take his coat on and off, along with his shoes, socks and pants. Actually, he loves to take his shoes, socks and pants off and just roam free around the house, but tonight I caught him trying to put his pants back on. It was so cute, but he's just not developmentally there yet so we helped him and then of course, he clapped and said "I did it!"

Boo has been eating and sleeping more these days. I hope it's a growth spurt. Poor guy has my short genes, but hopefully his dad's taller genes will prevail in the long run!

He LOVES our dog. He hugs him all the time now. He also tries to feed him, which is not good, but it's still pretty cute.

We're having a really great, fun time with Boo right now. He's climbing all over the place, up the outside of the staircase to circumvent the gates, on top of tables and chairs, on the dog... He's seriously on the GO all day long and these days he just talks and talks all day and all night long. We're having such a crazy fun time being parents right now we can hardly contain ourselves. And he's SO cute! But of course we think that, right? :)

Someday I know there will be a bitch post in this blog about something he is doing to drive us crazy or how motherhood and work are driving me mad, but right now, he's just perfect and we're having the best time watching him grow up. How lucky we mothers and fathers are to be parents and witness these perfect little creatures become human beings.


Cityslicker Mom said...

Aww, what a cutie. Man you sound sooo busy! I know what you mean about having so much fun at the stage he's in. He looks like he's around 12-24 mos? thats a really fun stage!

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