DVDs and signing

I find it amazing that people are still commenting to a post I wrote back in July entitled "I know who the Doodlebops are..." What's interesting to me is that, if you read the post, it's really NOT about the Doodlebops. It's just a general post about how the world of parenting changes you. Yet read the comments - somehow readers have taken what I thought was a rather benign rambling post into a Pro- or Anti-Doodlebops, Pro or Anti-Wiggles, etc. commenting ground. Very odd, people.

Of course, shortly after writing that post, the Disney Channel changed their morning line up, so we haven't watched the Doodlebops in a while. We have instead watched DVDs like the Baby Einstein DVDs (Boo LOVEs these - the little puppets are his friends - it's so cute) and the Signing Times DVD. If you want to teach your child to sign I highly recommend these DVDs. They were recommended to me by mama pal MML. Boo has versions 1 - 3; they start with the basics and then bring in more words as the series progresses. His signing really blossomed after watching these DVDs.

It's funny to think that teaching babies sign language is still a relatively new idea in everyday parenting. Every mom I know in town has taught their kid at least some signs or has at least attempted to; it's almost a given where I live. They sign with the kids in all of the daycares we looked at. For our family, teaching Boo sign language has really helped our communication with him. He can sign for what he wants instead of throwing a fit. Oh sure, he still gets fussy and frustrated, but not very much. We noticed that once he learned to both sign and speak more words, his tantrums almost stopped. Once he learned the sign for "sleep" he could just walk up to me, use the sign, and I'd know it was time for his nap. Whereas before, I wasn't sure if he was fussy because he was tired, or hungry, or what. He gets a huge smile on his face when he signs something and then we say the word for what he is signing, as if he is sooo happy that we finally understand him. As he learns to speak more words, he just uses the sign and says the word at the same time. It's really cute.


Mama Muse said...

We totally love the Signing Time DVDs at our house, too. My kids love sign language. It has been more fun for us as they get older, the 'baby signs' never quite caught on but the older kids love signing.

Plus, our nanny speaks sign language with the baby and the boys and they all like it a lot.

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ribbiticus said...

gotta get my sister those dvds for her kids! thanks for recommending them!

michele sent me today. :)

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Zephra said...

I loved to sign too. My nephew is deaf and I took care of him for many years. He is grown up now and I don't sign much anymore but I think I will start teaching the kids.

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deputyswife said...

I have to tell you a story. Both of my parents are deaf and use American Sign Language to communicate. My sister and brother were born in the mid-fifties. The family doctor strongly encouraged my parents not to sign too much with their kids. He said that he, along with some other doctors, would only confuse their children. So, my parents never pushed signing with them. They did use sign to communicate, but they never forced the issue.

I was born in 1970, the same doctor reminded my mother about the signing. By this time she thought the doctor was flippin nuts. My parents would only sign to me and would never allow any other communication with them.

Now, my siblings are very sucessful in their lives. Though, throughout school, my mom likes to point out that I did far better than they ever did. She has always felt it was because I used sign language.

I don't know if that is true, but I have all three of my boys sign. Just in case it gives them that little extra brain power.

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