Holy crap it's Christmas

Really, it's a little over a week away! Did you know this? It totally sneaked up on me! I've been preparing for it all year and now it's almost here. Hmm. How did that happen?

We always host Christmas meal over at our house, while my parents traditionally host Thanksgiving at theirs. This year, we ended up having Thanksgiving at ours, but we're still hosting Christmas. About two weeks ago I would have had the menu set, most of the items purchased for the meal, and cookie dough wrapped and waiting to thaw and bake in our freezer. Um, not this year. The funny thing about it is that really, I don't care. I mean, I care a LOT about Christmas and spending that special time with family and friends, but I am not worried about the meal. Maybe we'll do our traditional lobster and corn chowder with a rack of lamb. Maybe we won't. Maybe we'll make a crapload of Christmas cookies like we normally do, maybe we won't (ok, I admit I have ONE lonely log of cookie dough in the freezer). Maybe we'll just have Spam sandwiches. Just kidding. I don't know why, but I feel like it's just not a big deal this year.

Hmm. But now I am hungry and now I am thinking about the meal. Maybe I just needed to blog about it to get the culinary juices flowing and help get my ass in gear. Christmas is, after all, the following Sunday. WOOHOO! Suddenly, I am SOOO excited!!!! I LOVE Christmas!!!


Valerie said...

LOL I totally need to figure out what we are having on Christmas eve. Oh well I guess Tony can always figure it out for me.

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Kirsten said...

Corn Chowder! Lobster! YUM! Please set an extra place for me!!

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