Ode to Mama Pals

Tonight, I find myself in complete awe of other mamas. Mamas all over the world whom I have met in person and online. How do you all do it? SAHM, WOHM, WAHM, two kids, three kids, one kid...I am ever so thankful whenever I meet other mamas. So THANK YOU, mama pals - the ones I have known for years, the ones I have just met once, and the ones I have only met virtually in this great blogosphere. You have ALL touched my life, and Boo's life, more than you will know.

-saying hello. Anyone who is kind enough to acknowledge my random presence is considered my mama pal. Even if you come to hate me, I still love ya :)
-listening to my venting about mindless matters and horrific tragedies that turn out to be nothing important in the end
-listening to my constant Pollyana big smiles "I love being a mom!" crap which is all true but nonetheless annoying
-reading my very random rambling blogs
-leaving nice comments on said blogs
-helping me deal with sleep issues, feeding issues, work issues, money issues, baby gear advice, etc.
-understanding that as a mother, yes, I am crazy and losing my mind
-letting me know I am not alone in being a crazy mama and losing my mind
-being brutally honest
-being a great example of the wonderful mother I hope to be
-making me feel better about having discovered poop on my shirtsleeve because you have baby vomit on your socks...from the day before
-saying I look great even though I just ate at McD's three times in a row and haven't worked out in months
-not judging me for letting Boo have fries once in a while, and understanding why sometimes it's just gotta happen
-inviting me and Boo to super fun playdates
-having kids for Boo to play with and learn from (bad grammar, so sue me)
-commiserating about how life with hubby changes after becoming parents
-commiserating about how our role in our houseshold changes after becoming mamas
-telling me about great new kid-friendly places to visit
-keeping me up-to-date on silly yet ultra important celebrity gossip
-sharing info on where you got your cool baby/kid/mama stuff
-understanding when I am running late...by 20 minutes
-understanding a last minute cancellation or get-together
-being cool with the 5-sescond (ok, 5 minute, 5 days...) rule about our kids eating stuff off the floor
-listening to my endless and annoying chatter about work
-giving me great mama advice and ideas about work
-sharing the kid-food, diapers, wipes, snacks, etc. at playdates
-being open and supportive of my parenting style (what style?) even if it doesn't completely mesh with your own
-your ability to understand things about being a mama that no one else can, not even papas, no matter what
-being so nice to me and Boo and letting us into your lives, even if just for a day or via the internet.

Thanks mamas everywhere! We shall rule the world...or perhaps we already do???!


Dak-Ind said...

greetings and merry christmas from michele!

i know what you mean about the other moms out there. it is encouraging to me to see so many moms and dads who care about their children! it makes me a little less cynical

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kontan said...

we rule it! lol, mamas gotta stick together!

here via michele

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Zachary said...

Happy holidays here from oregon

I know, i have gotten so much advice from other moms on here and from ones that i talk to here in my town. It helps so much since i am a new mom with my first son.

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Zachary said...

oh sent by michele

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Valerie said...

Yes we mama's do rule! I hope you and boo have a very nice Christmas.

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Celia's Mom said...

Think this may be my first post... But I have been following you for the last month or so... and I so enjoy reading your blogs... They do make me smile... Hope you and Boo have a very Merry Christmas...

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Andy said...

This is my first post on your blog. I mostly lurk but had to comment. It's nice to read about and learn from other mom's out there and even better that some of you are Portland mamas, though I haven't had the chance to meet any yet.

Happy Holiday's!

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deputyswife said...

We mamas have got to stick together! I love coming here and reading your posts. I think it is because I love hearing the wonderment in your posts of all of yours and Boo's "firsts". You are a super mom!

I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

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Valerie said...

Just wanted to pop in and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.

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Beanhead said...

Merry Christmas from your Mama pal!

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