Post-Christmas recovery

My husband is insane. Our house looks like a ToysRUs truck slammed into it and dumped crap everywhere. And I swear that I have gained five pounds just from one night - okay two days counting the prep time - of eating nonstop.

First things first: my husband is the best dude in the world but is insane because like always he broke our limit for gift-giving to each other. I did too, but not like he did. He went nuts. He put the gifts I got him to shame. I got awesome techno geek stuff/toys that I can use for home and business and a super cool necklace. But it's not like we can really afford the uber cool fun toys. Justify them for work, yes. Afford them, no. Ah well. Then I realized last night as he was "testing" out my gifts that they're really gifts we can both use and enjoy, and I will definitely use them every day, so I feel better about that. My husband is truly better at gift-giving than I am.

As much as I wanted to avoid the commercial toy dump at Christmastime for Boo, it was unavoidable. He has been having the time of his life playing with his new trains and books. All week last week and so far this week, he's been singing nonstop. I don't think he's stopped (except at daycare, where he is so mad that he doesn't talk at all) singing softly or talking (sometimes loudly) for about eight days now. He's a pretty happy kid. And now he's started MOCKING us. Too smart and sassy for his own good, our Boo. It's pretty amusing, actually, when he mocks us.

This Christmas meal was low key - just us, my parents, one cousin and one aunt and uncle. We had dinner at our house and opened gifts. My brother, his girlfriend and their baby came over later and we stayed up talking for a while. It was a nice Christmas indeed.

I worked a lot today. This is a busy week. I am tired already, and I think my husband is getting sick again. But overall, we had a beautiful, warm, happy Christmas. I hope you all did too!


Blog This! said...

I like to say that it looks like Geoffery the giraffe threw up toys all over our house. I like your analogy about the truck. Its hard not to spoil our children - its a parenthood sickness.

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deputyswife said...

Did you get the name of the ToysRUs driver? Because he slammed his darn truck into our house too.

Isn't it great though to see it all through the little ones eyes?

Glad you had a great Christmas!

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Zephra said...

Gosh, Christmas was pretty subdued over here. Every year I say I am not going overboard but this year I stuck to it. After 11 years of throwing away toys that I paid through the nose for, I only got them a few things each and I KNOW they will love them. Everything is electronic! Still cost as much as every other Christmas though. The older they get, the smaller the toy and the more expensive.

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Zachary said...

you have been tagged

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