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Can I just say that I LOVE my job!!!! Read more about it at my other blog. Now on to mommy madness...

It's been all about the holidays here, as I am sure it is in many of your households. We decorated our lawn with cute lighted trees and will string more lights up this weekend. We decorated our fireplace mantle and have our presents all wrapped and put high above the prying hands of our curious babe. I strung lights along with garland (which Boo now loves to say "gaaaarland!") along our staircase, but now I think our living room is just a tad too lit. Those lights may have to go, but the garland will stay. We got our tree from our neighbors just down the street on Saturday - they have a U-Cut Tree Farm. It's a beautiful tree, which we have decorated with last year's decorations, but I'm just not in the mood, nor can I justify, spending $$ to buy new ones. Next year we'll switch color schemes. Here's a pic of it so far, with little Boo standing next to it. We'll add more crap to it this weekend.

Today Boo has fluctuated between being stuffed up and having a massive runny nose of the waterfall variety. Lovely. But this balloon that we picked up from lunch today made him smile for a long time. That's our dog getting in front of the picture, as usual.

Saturday night I met some awesome new moms in the area at a really cool wine bar. About half of us were strangers, so I brought my mama pal ER for moral support. I don't know what it is, but I can attend a million work functions and talk to every stranger in the room with no problem, but if it's a personal social event I get all nervous like I'm going on a first date or something. Meeting new moms is fun, but sometimes scary - what if you don't get along or have completely different ideologies about parenting? What if you love chocolate and the other moms shun all forms of sugar? OK, that last thought was really scary... Anyway, it turned out to be a fabulous time, and what a great group of amazing women! If you are in the Portland area, check out the urbanMamas blog, where most of them blog. I truly, truly enjoyed meeting every single mama there. Mamas of the world, unite!

Other ramblings...Boo has started this sudden obsession with lining things up in an orderly fashion. Perhaps it's the Swiss German in him :). He lines his trucks up like they are forming a train, or he lines them up side by side, in a perfectly neat and tidy row. I'll walk around the house and find little collections of this odd habit. It's very weird, but fascinating. Then last night, he started picking out all of the legos that were squares and lined them up, leaving the singles and big long legos. He's figuring out how to match things!!! It's such a cool mental development that only a mama or papa could almost cry over. Here's a pic of him lining up the legos.

Enough random ramblings for tonight. I am actually going to spend the next 15 minutes just watching TV! Or at least, that's my plan. Hope everyone is surviving holiday mania out there!


Zephra said...

So many things to comment one. First. I remember the lining things up faze. Zain it is constantly. He is now a really smart kid. He was able to read at 3 and his favorite reading material was a computer manual. I bet your little one will be like that too.

Everyone here had the stopped up, runny nose thing, last a week or so.

Meeting mom is hard. I posted about feeling like an outsider at my sons recent band practice. I have to go back again tonight and I am sure I will still be an outsider. After a while I guess they will have to learn to accept me because I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Plumkrazzee said...

Thanks for stopping by earlier, I'll be back to read more when I'm done catching up!

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Mama Muse said...

Hey! How come you don't have an email me link on your blog? Anyway I wanted to tell you about where we did Simon's birthday party (you asked in my comments...) and Boo is part Swiss German? I lived in Switzerland for awhile and I have some type A personality traits because of it.

Email me if you want those party ideas.


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