Root canal #53

OK, #53 is an exaggeration, but really, I've had more dental work done than I think my 102 year old great-grandmother has had done. I went in to my dentist this morning because my gums have been hurting in one spot and the x-ray confirmed what I had suspected: I need a root canal. You know you've had a lot of root canals when you're in a bit of discomfort and think, "Hmm...this feels like a root canal is needed." Oy vey. So I'll be on antibiotics for a week until my root canal appointment. Oh goodie. What fun. I've always had problems with my teeth, and I blame all the sugar my parents and great-grandma gave me as a kid. Root canals, wisdom teeth, crowns, bridges...I'm an expert in the dentist chair by now. My husband has never had a cavity and goes to the dentist maybe once every 10 years. Go figure. Boo loves to brush his teeth. Thank goodness for that.

Happy New Year, folks! I'll be celebrating with an infection in my gums. Oh, now that's a lovely picture, isn't it? :)


Cityslicker Mom said...

I've only had one root canal, but I'm with you on the dentalwork expertise. I have a mouth full of fillings! I'm just grateful that I've had dental care,otherwise I would probably be toothless!

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Hubby said...

Not true about the no cavities. I think I've had three. All discovered by the same dentist who suggested that he try to fill them without novicane first. I believe his words were, "Let's just see how it feels without the drugs. Sometimes, the shot can hurt more than the treatment." He was wrong...

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Andy said...

Ugh. I just finished my 3rd step of the root canal process today. I'm not sure who to thank for my rotten (not literally...yet) teeth, but I have spent numerous hours in the dental chair this month alone.

Hang in there, hopefully it will feel better soon.

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Zephra said...

A tooth brush for Zak is on my shopping list. Time for him to learn. I too have horrible teeth and I keep putting it off...I guess I feel if I just brush a little longer, the problem will go away. Doesn't work does it.

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Mama Muse said...

Awww, babe. Sorry about the root canal. Dental work is at the top of my new years resolution list, and I am dreading it so much.

I hope things go smooth as possible for you.

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Zachary said...

ahh i HATE HATE the dentist i dont believe i could describe my hate for the dentist in words! Hope it all goes well. Happy New year

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StampinMamma said...

Ick! I really hate the dentist. I would rather go to the OBGYN then the dentist!

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