Back to business

Not that I really stopped working last week, but now my husband is back at work and Boo is back to daycare, leaving me with a few hours to work uninterrupted. It's way too quiet in this house.

The services for Lola were wonderful and she would have approved. The huge family gathered and I am sure she was smiling on the familial laughter, smart ass remarks and the gorging we all did at the buffet. Family is fantastic; family is everything. My cousin T, his wife J and son Master S stayed at our place Saturday night. It was a wonderful time catching up with them. We hope to go visit the in Vancouver BC sometime before summer hits.

Boo had a rough week. Sick, tired, having to take real medicine for the first time and hating it, having his cousin over playing with his toys...yesterday my husband and I swore we saw the beginnings of the Terrible Twos. We're bracing ourselves for it. We hear it lasts for a couple of years. The Threes are supposed to be worse!

Back to normal. Back to the insanity that is our little world.