"Me" Time...??

What the hell is it and how do I get me some of that?

Tonight, as I was changing into my pjs (I get ready for bed really early, y'all), I was thinking to myself how nice it was that my hubby was hanging out with Boo and brushing his teeth, letting me have some "me" time. Then it hit me: THIS is "me" time? I was just getting ready for the night ahead! But alas, those two full minutes of solitude while performing monotonous everyday tasks is what constitutes as "me" time these days.

I feel like I've lost touch. What is "me" time for mamas? Is it just going out for drinks with the girls? Reading a good book? Getting a facial or, gasp!, having time to get a haircut? Help! Somehow "me" time has warped into the two minutes it takes to cut my toenails in peace, let alone go to the bathroom in peace (that hasn't happened in a loooong time). It's also become the five minutes I'm alone in the car after dropping Boo off to daycare and before I get out of the car to start work. But then that "me" time is often interrupted by the quick trip to the store to get the last oh-crap-we-need-this item, a phone call from a potential client, or a harried cleaning of the house because my skin is starting to crawl from the dust that has built up. Hence, bye bye random five minutes of "me" time.

What does "me" time mean for you? I need some better ideas, ladies.


Zachary said...

me time is when i can sit down and read some of my book or get online although that is usually interupted by my little one wanting on my lap. I dont remember the last time that i got to take a bubble bath or just a relaxing bath at that. If i want some serious me time i have to wait untill the little one is in bed but that means that i dont get as much sleep because even though i went to bed late doesnt mean he is going to sleep in late either.

maybe you could work something out with your husband to let you take a long relaxing bath at leat once or twice a week with no interuptions thats what one of my friends does

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Cityslicker Mom said...

Oh gosh...I am so with you on that! "me" time is no longer pamper me time, it's more like "time to do all the crap that I can't do effectively with little monkeys running around! I definitely need some "real" me time. What that is, im not sure yet.

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Dak-Ind said...

i am trying to con my husbadn into giving me one hour three days per week for "me" time. what will i do with this time you ask... 20 minutes of pilates, 20 minutes on the excersize bike, and 20 minutes of shower and washing my hair.

i have learned something this time around. i have less help with this child than the last one. i know thirty different ways to get my hair up into a bun in under 10 seconds. i should just get a hair cut, but i wont.

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chichimama said...

The grocery store. Me time has evolved into going to the grocery store alone. And somehow, I seem to think that this is a wonderful thing.

If I am really decadent I swing by the drive thru Dunkin Donuts on the way back from the grocery store. Whooppee!

Good luck carving out some time, and let us know how you did it!

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Zephra said...

Me time is when Zak is down for a nap (he didn't take one yesterday). I usually play online or do my DDR. I am used to going to the bathroom with "help" I have been doing that for 11 years. To be honest, I don't like going out with the baby. I have to carry my purse instead of putting it in the stroller. Now THAT is lazy!

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Valerie said...

Me time for me is getting to take a bath alone with no one bothering me. doesn't happen often though.

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Anonymous said...

You are so right, my friend. "Me" time is a rare thing. Two good friends and I all had babies within a week of each other. Initially, we began meeting for playgroups. But we learned we couldn't really "talk" when we were constantly interrupted by the babies. So now, once a month, we leave the kids with their dads and we meet at a local restaurant for dinner. It's wonderful to have a night "off" and be able to celebrate (and commiserate) with other moms. We still do the occasional playdate with kids, too, but the dinners are our special "me" time.

My big struggle right now is finding "me" time to exercise. Unless I want to get up at 4am (which I don't!) I don't know how to fit it in. Why aren't there more hours in each day?


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Rebecca said...

I was reading some funny ideas in parenting magazine and one mother said she gives the baby to her husband while she goes to the bathroom and upon entering the bathroom she puts down the toilet seat and sits down with a magazine or a book and just reads for 2o minutes. I for one really enjoy my ride to work. Even if I am stuck in traffic. I listen to a cd or my favorite morning show and just unwind.

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deputyswife said...

"Me" time is doing the dishes, a-lone. Going to the bathroom, a-lone. Buying groceries, a-lone. I used to relish in those moments to myself. Then I read your post and realized what the heck am I happy about buying groceries? I should be at the mall buying something for myself, a-lone! LOL!

Truthfully, I always try to get some quiet time to myself. Not much though. I figure in 20 years I will have plenty of quiet time for myself. I will probably be sitting remembering not being a-lone.

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