Boo has his first TV crush/idol/mass marketed icon worship, and I can't believe it, but it's...Elmo, or "Melmo!" as Boo sometimes calls him. We don't know how this happened. He has never watched a single episode of Sesame Street on tv. Not one. Boo's first experience with Elmo was when my brother, known as "Uncle Present," came over with a Chicken Dance Elmo. Yes, he is that evil, but it's payback time now that he has his own son. But I digress. Boo, initially frightened by this freaky red creature in a bright yellow chicken suit doing the chicken dance, suddenly started calling Elmo "Baby" and hugging him. Then one day when we were in the children's DVD section of the library, Boo started pulling DVDs off the shelves to inspect them. Then all of a sudden I look up to see Boo's excited little face all lit up as he kept exclaiming "Melmo! Melmo!" and then thrusting three Sesame Street DVDs into my arms.

We watched the DVDs just a few times before returning them to the library. Boo has fallen in love with not only Elmo now, but also Big Bird, Grover, Zoe, and of course, Cookie Monster. We were at the bookstore last week and he went nuts over an Elmo Valentine's Day book. He loves to sit in his reading chair and flip through the pages, naming all of the characters as he goes from page to page. Still, to this day, he has never watched the television show. Yet whenever he sees Elmo, he lights up like he's seeing his best friend.

How did this happen? My only explanation is that the creators of Sesame Street are freakin' geniuses. They have created lovable, sweet, fun, happy characters that even toddlers are instantly drawn to. Then they mass marketed the hell out of it. I guess as far as television idols go, Boo could have done much worse.


chichimama said...

Melmo was also my son's favorite, and he loved him long before he had ever seen an episode thanks to a friend who had Elmo doll after Elmo doll. There was a very long time that Elmo was his lovey of choice, although we have thankfully moved on to Mama Hippo, a nice unlicnsed creature.

Now of course my daughter is all anout Wags the Dog.

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Uncle Present said...


(...but like you said, it'll be payback time before I know it! Eek..) :)

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Megan said...

How funny! Elmo is my little one's favorite, too...and she also has never seen Sesame Street! She loves him because he is on the Earth's Best crackers. She will see the cracker box from across the room and start shrieking "Elmo! Elmo! More Elmo!" She likes the tasty crackers, but I think she likes Elmo a whole lot more. Those marketers truly must be geniuses!

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deputyswife said...

Isn't it funny how they wrap themselves up over a character?!? Barney was big here when my oldest was little. The past year, all the boys obsess over Thomas the Train. They have choo-choos on the brain!

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Zephra said...

Zak loves Elmo too but wont watch the show. He likes to watch Dora, Blue, and the backyardigans but if he sees an Elmo toy at the store, he lights up.

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Blog This! said...

My son calls Elmo "Melmo" too. Wonder why its a common mispronounciation? Too cute.

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Bridgermama said...

My friend's 18 month old son also has baby "Melmo" (this is what he calls him too!). He has fully adopted this red furry guy, it is truly his baby. He goes so far as to use his mama's boppy pillow to "nurse" him! Crazy!

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~Cathy~ said...

My two year old's first obsession was the big purple dinosaur! She wanted to watch him all the time! She likes Elmo some too... even though we never watch Sesame Street! She got the Check up time Elmo from Santa!

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