Portland is the Best City to Have a Baby!!!

I knew I lived here for a reason! Fit Pregnancy magazine just came out with their rankings for best cities in which to have a baby, and my dear beloved great city of Portland, Oregon is ranked NUMBER ONE, BABY!!!! Check it out at www.fitpregnancy.com. Among the categories, we got the highest marks for breastfeeding (no surprise there), maternal and infant health risk, birthing options, stroller friendliness, access to doctors/hospitals and affordability.

Every city ranked in Texas is ranked at the bottom of the barrel in the Worst category for having kids...sorry my Texan friends. New York and Philly also rank toward the bottom. Where does your city rate, and do you think it's accurate?


Cityslicker Mom said...

Yep, Pdx seems to just be getting better and better in so many ways.

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deputyswife said...

Hey, that means you can have another baby! ehehehe... just a little dig there because I know you SO like getting that question from people.

I checked the list. So much for rural life, Iowa didn't even make it to the list. The closest place is Minneapolis and that is a four hour drive... As fast as my deliveries go, I would have to cross my legs for most of the trip.

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Bridgermama said...

I heard about this on the Today Show! Don't think I didn't call family back in Minneapolis to rub it in. Minneapolis did get #3 but why settle for #3 when you can live in #1!

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Zephra said...

After having 4 kids in 3 different cities in 4 different hospitals in Texas...I have to agree.

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Zachary said...

yes i very much agree that it is a really good place to have a baby!

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Little Bro D said...

See! *that* must be why we had Kaden here... Yeah, that's it! :)

Seriously, though, I couldn't agree with that more. Okay, yes, it's not like I've had children in other cities (or have I?!?), but being a new parent in Portland has undoubtedly been a pleasing experience. I've found, much as you have I am sure, a whole new side of people in this town since K's been around. Heck, since T was pregnant! Everything, from prenatal appointments, to delivery, shopping and just mostly everywhere we go, it's all been pretty good as a new dad around town.

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