Let the games begin

Boo LOVES daycare now. Some of you who have been reading this blog for a while may remember that Boo started going to a daycare center a few days a week back in October. He didn't talk for the first several weeks there, and I don't think he smiled, both of which are highly unlike his everyday happy & hyper personality. Sometime a couple of months ago something clicked. He now absolutely adores going to "school" and he seems to have the best time there! I love this place. They really care for him, and do a great job of keeping the kids busy doing all sorts of educational activities. Yes, sometimes they give him one cookie too many, but then again sometimes so do I.

This past week we found out his school was holding a fundraiser. His first school fundraiser! I've always been the type to get excited about baking cookies and cupcakes with elaborate decorations for my kid's school functions and getting involved with my kid's activities - at least, it's a sick mom fantasy of mine that I thought I would have to wait years for - but this was even sooner than I thought!

Fundraising is easy. The school's goal was set pretty low, I think because they only gave the kids and moms about four actual days to collect money. We collected almost all of the entire school's goal in a couple of days with our collection alone. I love our friends and family. Thank you if you contributed! So I think that Boo's class will get a pizza party, and he gets a bunch of other stuff. Plus, the money goes to a great cause.

Now that my 25th birthday is just a few days behind me (what? just let me be 25 for a bit in this blog...on second thought, never mind. 30-something is way better than 20-something!), so now it's time to think about my husband and Boo's birthdays, which are a few months away and just four days apart from each other. What to do? It's a little ways off but I either plan now or end up freaking out and throwing things together last minute. And I hate that. Because I'm a planner and an organizational freak. You still love me, right?

For Boo's first birthday we had a barnyard BBQ party. Here are some photos from last year's bash, where I baked a cake in the shape of a tractor (yes, it was a bitch to decorate), we had grilled cheese sandwiches in the shapes of farm animals, had hay bales and decorated the cups with the barnyard theme (you can see the barnyard birthday invite, actually, on my Event Bliss site).

I am SOOOOO excited for his second birthday! But what to do this year? Hubby and I don't want to have an Elmo party... maybe we'll just pick some colors he likes and work around the colors as the theme. Maybe we'll just go to the beach and have a beach party. I would like to be at the beach right now... This is what I do when I need a mental break from work. I blog and dream about theme parties and cute 'n yummy baked goods and blog some more. Guess I should get back to work... please share any ideas you have for cute toddler birthday parties (that do not involve commercial mass-marketed characters, please!:).


Cityslicker Mom said...

that's nice that he is really liking daycare. it would be hard to be working and think he's all sad. it sounds so fun and also exciting for you! i bet you can't believe it has all happened so fast!

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Sara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Are you going to be at the w[h]ine night? It looks like we have birthdays in common (almost -- mine was the 23rd) and my daughter will be two in mid-May. I've been thinking about the birthday thing too, as Lucy's first birthday was over-the-top! I like the BBQ idea, but the chance of rain is too high.

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Kirsten said...

Those are the cutest barnyard sandwiches I have ever seen! You are so clever!

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Nicole said...

I like your sandwiches, too. I did somthing similar for my daughter's first birthday which had a frog theme (that was really for me, as I have a thing for frogs). I even dressed her up as a frog for her first Halloween.

We did a musical theme for my son's first birthday. We decorated with all kinds of kids instruments (you can get at the dollar store or party store) and let the kids take them home as favors. We placed pass the musical instrument and whenever the music stopped, whoever was holding the blow-up guitar won a prize. We didn't get to it, but you could also make home-made maracas as a craft w/paper plates and rice and have the kids decorate it. Just our idea! It is fun to plan the little one's parties.

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Priya said...

I did a monkey theme for our little guy's first b-day. We have always called him our litte monkey, his going home outfit was monkey themed, you get the picture. I made invitations with a pic of him dressed in gymboree's going bananas romper with stuffed monkeys all around him. We decorated the house with vines, monkeys hanging from them (very jungle-booky). I made and decorated his cake: banana flavored icing, trees and monkeys on the top, with a river running through. Monkey hats for all the little guests (and the parents, if they wanted!), monkey favors...yes, I went a little overboard. The food was carribean- barbacoa chicken or pork sandwiches, coleslaw, fried plantains, banana punch. IT WAS FUN!

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shetha said...

I may have mentioned our annual burrito fest for Andrew's birthday. His first birthday was rubber ducky themed and the second, frogs. Everyone had green poo the next day :)
Pic of cake:
Seems like I'm not the only nutty cake decorator :D It always surprises me how cool it continues to be during their birthday :(

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Mama M said...

Ooh - thanks for all of the excellent ideas! There are too many themes to choose from! My husband would LOVE a monkey theme - we're all about the monkeys at our house. But I like the musical theme too since Boo is so into music...and Shetha your frog cake is too much! You are amazing! SO cute! But I'm not sure about how I feel about dealing with green poo the next day...:)

Maybe we can do a musical frogs and monkeys theme :)

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J's Mommy said...

My little girl's 3rd b-day is coming up in june and I've already started stressing. Well, not really but I am thinking about it. We did the big family 1st birthday and then the Elmo 2nd birthday so now it's on to 3.....

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Stephanie said...

Love the pics! For my daughter's 3rd birthday I hosted a pink (her favorite color themed party. Everything was pink - the cake, the plates, her dress, the pink lemonade, the stickers for the craft project. It turned out to be really nice.
I have also seen b-day parties with the child's first initial as a theme. Just a thought!

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Bridgermama said...

I am pretty sure you will have no problem coming up with an idea for Boo's second birthday. The pictures from the first prove that you have an amazing imagination and more creativity in your pinky than I have in my whole darn body!

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kj said...

We did a bugs and butterflies theme for my son's second birthday, and cars and trucks and things that go (planes and trains, in our case) for his third, and construction for his fourth. Why bother with the commercial theme stuff at this point?

A great idea is a book exchange instead of gifts. 2- and even 3-year olds don't expect birthday gifts, and they get plenty from family anyway, so I had everyone bring a copy of their child's favorite book, wrapped, and then (after we consutlted with each other so no one got one they already had), we gave each child a wrapeed book to open and read them out loud, and it was a huge success!

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