No Minivan for us!!!

We are NOT getting a minivan!!! I repeat, we are NOT getting a minivan!

We have needed a new second car for quite some time now. We had consigned ourselves to the fact that really, everything we used our vehicle for, the fact that we have a big dog plus a kid, and we'd like to have another kid sometime in the future, that really we needed a minivan to make our lives easier. Plus, they got great gas mileage compared to our gas guzzling SUV. So today, off we went, in search of the right (sigh) minivan. We LOVED the Honda Odyssey. This is THE BEST minivan if you must get one. Super plush, tons of storage, super easy to maneuver the seat configurations. If we got one, this is what we would have bought.

We hated the Chrysler Town & Country. It's a cheap piece of shit. Period. Oh, and their sales people were nuts. The first woman told us four times in the first two minutes "I'm Patti" in the middle of spastic semi-sentences. Uh, yeah, lady, you told us already... (cuckoo!)

We were disappointed by the Toyota Sienna. For the larger price tag, you actually got less options than you did with the Honda Odyssey, plus it just wasn't as plush and comfy as the Odyssey.

And then, after our Sienna disappointment, we saw it: one of the brand new Toyota SUVs. I never would have thought about this as an option because I could only think of the old version of this particular vehicle--small, compact, crappy. The new ones: AWESOME. LOVE IT. Cheaper than a minivan and get this--better gas mileage! And it's an SUV, for goodness' sake! It's also awesomely configured for shorter drivers (aka, me) super comfortable and even more leg room in the back seat than our current SUV. Great cargo room. Drives smoothly. So today, I drove home happy. And NOT in a minivan. Someday we may get one and that will be fine, but not today.

BTW, today also marks the first day that Boo broke a dish at a restaurant. Oops. They were super nice and we tipped VERY well, but still: we were "those" people at the restaurant today. Other than the broken dish, he was fine.

UPDATE NOTE: I'm not totally dissing minivans, mind you. I once drove a Dodge Caravan for work since I was a traveling rep. It was awesome and my friends to this day still talk about how great it was that we could fit all of us in one van. I just don't think that at this time in my life we are in need of one, and just can't see myself driving one right now.


Bridgermama said...

Way to stay strong! I feel as if buying a minivan would be letting go of the last shred of coolness I have left in me.

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chichimama said...


May I ask which one??? We are trying to avoid the minivan trap as well...but I can't stand the SUV gas mileage.

And does it have a third row?b

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Zephra said...

I love my Mini Van. Really I do. I know I am no longer cool but damn that thing can hold a lot of kids. I would spend the extra money (if I had any) and the the Toyota anyway. Those things run for ever. Our current little car is a Toyota and it is 11 years old. Never been in the shop a day in its life. And it is not our first Toyota to do this.

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Valerie said...

Congrats on NOT getting the minivan!

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Cityslicker Mom said...

I've always said that if I EVER got a minivan (which I dont intend to either), I would get the Honda oddessey. I'm glad you found what you like!!

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Andy said...

Was it the Rav4? I just got one last month and I love it for all the reasons you mentioned! Not a minivan, not a huge SUV and good mileage.


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Mama M said...

Zephra - if I had four kids, you bet we'd have a minivan too! But we only have two right now: one furry Lab, and one little Boo. Toyotas do rock, indeed.

Chichimama & Andy - we got the 2006 Rav4. I always thought they were way too compact but the new models are so roomy and made for families. It does have the 3rd row option, but we didn't get it. Honestly, I can't believe those "third rows" are legal - there's no actual leg room and even I, the smallest person in the world, would be cramped. Andy, maybe I'll see ya driving around town! :)

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Kirsten said...

Girl, my husband (not mine at all!) bought one when I was preggo. It is his not mine. In no way am I connected to the minivan....:) I am way cooler than that!

Ohhh, lets get coffee next week!! Maybe on Weds??

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deputyswife said...

I know, I know... it is extremely hard to make that jump to a mini-van. I finally did it with the arrival of our fourth child. And I cried when I did. I know, silly. When we bought it, I refused to sell our Dodge Intrepid. I was still grasping to my non-mini-van ways.

I sold the Intrepid within a month. I cannot believe I have ever survived without a mini-van. Don't worry, when it is time for you to take the plunge, you will not be sorry...

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oMama said...

Wow. Do I feel even more uncool than I do stepping into our Grand Voyager?! Not only was our minivan FREE (hand-me-down from my MIL), it's humongous. I know it isn't cool, but we did fit our whole queen sized bed without disassembling it into the thing. So, the vehicle isn't cool, but THAT is.

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