two to midnight

It is two minutes to midnight and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my dear friend H and her hubby A. They just spent a week in Cabo (welcome back to the cold NW, H!) and are spending the night here before they drive back down to their hometown about four hours south of Portland. We are hosting a brunch tomorrow for them with three of our college gal pals and their boys. I am really excited. As many playdates as I have been to this past month, I still feel like I haven't had any chill time. Playdates are awesome, but I think the energy level is pumped up triple time because of the tots roaming about. I think some solid chill time at home is in order.

I hear a car...is this them? Woohoo! Off I go...


Bridgermama said...

Hope you had fun. I miss my buddies from home...it was so nice to have the ease of those friendships! One of my college gal pals is coming on Thursday, I am looking forward to comfy sweats, junk food, wine and trashy television!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for hosting us. It was such a delight to get off the plane and know that we were going off to see one of my dearest and oldest pals. Thank you. Thank you. H

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